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Flash Player 11.7 causes my video sound (youtube and anything else using Flash) to randomly cut in while watching. What is causing this and how do I fix it?


So, after updating to Adobe Flash 11.7...I can no longer watch a single video anywhere on the web without the sound randomly cutting out. Flash does not crash, it just stops playing the sound and keeps playing the video. I can rewind the video to a time before it cut out but then it cuts out again RIGHT as I rewind to a new point in the video. Where as before in the location I rewound to, it did not have the sound cut out before when I first watched up to and past that point. I have no idea what has caused this (except or maybe Adobe screwed something up).

Does anyone else have this issue? And what have you done to solve it (if you have)? Also, if this a Firefox only issue? Or is it everyone Web browser?

Thanks for any help given.

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Try Firefox Safe Mode to see if the problem goes away. Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most add-ons.

(If you're not using it, switch to the Default theme.)

  • You can open Firefox 4.0+ in Safe Mode by holding the Shift key when you open the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut.
  • Or open the Help menu and click on the Restart with Add-ons Disabled... menu item while Firefox is running.

Once you get the pop-up, just select "'Start in Safe Mode"

If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to figure out which one. Please follow the Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems article for that.

To exit the Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again.

When you figure out what's causing your issues, please let us know. It might help other users who have the same problem.

Thank you.

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I just tried the same video (and others) in Google Chrome and the problem is non-existant. Meaning it most likely is Firefox and it not cooperating with the newest flash. Even so, I will try the safe mode.

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I am having the same problem, for the record

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I have the same problem. Sound cuts out while watching a flash video in Firefox but not in any other browser I have. ( Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer)

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I've got exactly the same problem.

Videos stop after a few seconds and sound cuts out only in embedded videos in heavy flash content websites but I can play same videos fine on youtube.

Other browsers don't have such problem. I found a partial solution to this. If I disable Shockwave Flash 11.7.700.169 plugin in FF, embedded videos play fine then, but websites which use flash don't display flash content anymore showing "This plugin is disabled" inside flash content frame.

FF Safe mode didn't help.

Waiting for more solutions from mozilla. Thanks.

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Respuesta útil

It is good that I am not the only one having this issue. Which would mean that it is most likely a Firefox issue and NOT a Adobe Flash Player issue. I am not sure if they (being Mozilla) are evening working on it. I wish someone from Mozilla would speak up and tell us what is going on but...not sure if that will happen.

So...What's up Mozilla? Will this be fixed? Or will it just be ignored?


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I'm experiencing this too. FF safe mode does not help, and everything works fine when I use Google Chrome.

But in Firefox with Flash 11.7.700.169, sounds cuts out everywhere... Hulu... CastAmp, Veemi, Twitch, and other streaming sites... Ending Flash Player temporarily fixes the problem, until it eventually cuts out again.

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Respuesta útil

I downgraded flash to 10.3 and it fixed the problem. Everything works fine now. I suggest everyone do this until Adobe releases a fix for 11.7.

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Having the same problem as others here with sound cutting out on video at random moments. May have something to do with certain commercials, but I'm not sure. Possible temporary solution is to bring up Tools-Addons and disable Shockwave and then enable shockwave again. Then reload the video page. If you are lucky the video will reload at the same spot (your mileage may vary depending on the website) with sound working again.

Tried switching to Chrome for a while, but I found it has a host of problems as of its own. Does some weird things with flash videos. But between the total system freezes and video problems I'm still not happy with FF. I can't seem to find a browser that works consistently these days. . . (Intel Core2duo, 2GB RAM, Windows Vista, FF 20.0.1, Shockwave 11.7.700.169)

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i have done all of that: uninstalled the most current, downgraded to the flash player 10.3, system restore to before i installed 11.7...nothing has changed. it still crashes! i wish i could just get rid of it altogether, but i can't watch movies on here w/out it.

WARNING: if you get a suggestion to update to flash player 11.anything, don't do it!

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I was googling for help about my sound issue and found this.

Happens to me on Google Chrome with flash player as well.

Autor de la pregunta

I have since switched to Google Chrome (which has for now, fixed the issue). This is just a temporary fix until Mozilla can the compatibility between Adobe and FireFox. I still think that this is a Firefox issue and not a Adobe issue. I have had no issues between Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player since I temperately switched over. Though Firefox still seems to be giving me problems.

Hope that Mozilla can work out the bug here soon. I hate having to constantly switch between windows. Can be rather tiresome after a while.

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I have this problem with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari. I'm using SeaMonkey , its the only one that allows me to watch youtube videos right now. SeaMonkey is a Firefox project.

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This problem is driving me crazy too, audio just stops after several minutes of non-use with the browser open. You can reboot the Flash reader by either rebooting Firefox or going to the Task Manager and ending Adobe Flash Player, then it will work again for a while until is stops again. None of the (time-consuming) fixes works. I even installed Adobe Flash v. 11.8 (beta). Some Mac users apparently did find the cause of the problem, apparently Adobe Flash player resets the System Preferences -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI -> Built-in Output, sampling rate to 96kHz instead of 44.2 or 48kHz, which the hardware cannot handle in most instances. I don't know if this works in Windows but the corresponding sampling rate adjusyment is Go to Control Panel, click on "Sound", click on the "Properties" tab, then click on the "Advaced" tab.

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tony 0 soluciones 5 respuestas

SOLVED **** I've been having this problem for a while and then it goes away. It always happens after my Flash player is updated. It happens with all browsers, no exception. So today i finally fixed it. Here's what worked for me:

  1. I Googled "uninstall Flash player"which took me to the right uninstall file to download. then I ran it. Then I tried youtube and couldn't see anything which confirmed that Flash was gone.
  2. I temporarily shutoff my Anti-virus.
  3. Dow loaded the latest Flash player
  4. I right clicked the install file, chose Run as Administrator.
  5. The first time nothing happen so I ran again and this time installed the Player.
  6. Tested youtube on all browsers, it works like new!!

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Tonyaraujo you are a lifesaver. I disabled my AVG anti-virus software and install flash and not everything is working fine (after 3 days of struggling). Thanksk so much.

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My wife's computer had the exact same issue. She asked me to look into it, and I was in the process of uninstalling flash player when I realized that this computer is 64bit while the flash player installed is 32bit.

Might be something to look into for others having the same issue.

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For the record...

This is not a Firefox problem but the problem of the crappy software Adobe delivers.

Each time there's an update of Flash, you have to remove the old one and install the latest version.

Adobe is lazy to keep their source safe and stable. This is not only a problem in Firefox but also other browsers. The different is that Firefox has the problem with every single update of Flash.

Keep your system clean and updated, and you will never have this issue.