Extensions Disabled by Mozilla in October 2019

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Mozilla discovered that a number of Firefox users were affected by malicious activity that installed extensions and changed security configurations in user profiles.

In order to protect users, we have deployed a fix that reverts these changes and removes these malicious extensions.

How do I know if I was affected

People who were affected by these malicious extensions saw a message in Firefox that read:

<Extension name> has been disabled in Firefox for your protection. Your add-on security settings have been reset to ensure you stay safe.

Why were the extensions disabled

The extensions were disabled because they are in violation of Mozilla’s Add-on Policies. The extensions should have been fully disabled and you should no longer be affected by them.

Why are my security settings being reset

These settings were most likely changed by a malicious application on your computer in order to bypass security protections that would normally have blocked the extensions in question. We have reset these settings because they are critical for your safety and privacy. These are all internal settings that aren’t easily accessible to users.

Is there anything else I need to do

No, the malicious extensions should have been disabled automatically, and your settings should now be restored.

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