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Matthew P. Klimek (MPKlimek)

Endicott, US


About Matthew P. Klimek

WTF happened???? I was taking classes at the community college, I passed the audio engineering class with a grade of A-. If it wasn't for that one grade, there wouldn't be too much to write about. I went to work at a newspaper/commercial print facility as a truck driver. In January of 2012, I connected the keyboard to my computer and started recording on to the hard-drive with Audacity. In late February of 2012, I bought my first guitar. I sit here at my desk looking at the font in front of me, I hear and see the vague songs about love but, does anyone realize just how potent of an occurrence it really is as depicted here in these songs? I go out of my way to try to keep the content vague because, I have a tendency to 'fall between the lines' in such a way that it has been a ongoing sequence of events that have changed the course of my life. It is just as easy to say that I have never been so lost as it is to say that I have gained ground in the course of life.

The reality is: The school, Broome Community College will not return an e-mail to me; I wanted to take a few classes since I was laid off from the truck driving job. I can barley play a guitar; I sound it out and cut/copy and paste anything that I can work with. Much of my time is spent contemplating the miserable failures of my church the West Corners Baptist Church; I was forcibly removed during a Sunday service in 2009 after I wrote about an unfair church election. I have publicly criticized my church and my former employer online in the United States and the Russian Federation.

The retaliation against me effectively results in a forced incursion to a broad environment that enables me to formulate objectives and project from deep within.

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