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Mike Won (MikeWon)

Port Macquarie, AU


About Mike Won

Disgruntled Yank Down Unda Mookie Malato from Chicago. HS & Community Theater Stage Manager 65-70 US Army 67-79. Associate Liberal Arts, UofMaryland, EurDiv. 17 yrs Illinios, 6 yrs Europe, 3 yrs Texas, 18 months Tacoma, Washington 22 splendid years in Alohaland, 12 l o n g years in Australia Saw Lou Rawls, Sammy Davis Jr & Bachman Turner Overdrive in Germany. Signed Queen Elizabeth's Guest Register Buckingham Palace Met Dianna Rigg backstage London 75. Security Service 80-82 Honolulu Waikiki Taxi Owner/Op 82-97. Stumbled upon Richard Pryor at Ala Moana [refrained from blowin his cover] Pat Morita & Family were nice at the next Booth dinner at the Ilokai Mr. Mister climbed into the cab & was insulted that he wasn't recognized ['Don't cha watch MTV?' 'No, I work fer a livin'!] Meet Donnie Most & Anson Williams {Ralph Malph & Potsie} on Kapiolani Kenny Rogers at Kahala Hilton Saw Frank Sinatra in Aloha Stadium, Peter Paul & Mary & Harry Chapin at Honolulu Shell. Extra Jack Lord's [wota tool] Hawaii 5-0. Lunch with Tom Selleck [such a polite & friendly man!] Magnim PI. set Saw Dave Letterman at Ed Sullivan Theater. Met Debbie Reynolds [wota doll!] & saw Ann Margret [strugglin] Las Vegas. Met Tanya Roberts in Waikiki [very personable!]. Saw Peter Frampton at Blaisdell Drove 'Girls of Playboy' [best 5 minutes of 'work' ever(think musical seats)!], Charro [always nice] & NineInchNails [scary guys!] Hawaii's Oldest Bicycle Messenger Courier 98-99 Enduring Australian Beach since 2000. Met Akmal Saleh in Sydney [fun], Leo Sayer in Port Macquarie [of all places!]. YA! Level 6 with 15% Best. Celebrating 43d year with Mrs MikeWon. Still can't get no satisfaction. email: &/or Hobbies: mikewondoctrine Blog: ~ ~ [dez puterz iz HARD!] Movies-Firefox, Blue Thunder, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Shoot 'Em Up, Blues Brothers..., Classical [Bach], Eagles, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Stevie Nicks, Kylie Minogue, Taylor Swift, Joe Cocker, Joe Walsh, Joe Jackson, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Blind Melon Chitlin, Randy Newman, Barefoot Natives, Books- Mathew, Mark, Luke & John Questions-How long does it take a grasshopper with a wooden leg to kick a hole through a dill pickle at the corner of State and Madison on a cold day? & who keeps phuquen diz up?

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