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When asking a question, please make it easy for others to verify your problem and provide a solution

  • Don't make others ask for the url. Try to post so others don't have to ask who, when, where, why, where, how, how much, or what does it do instead of work.
  • The idea is to ask a single question that can be answered in one-shot, because once someone replies, it no longer shows up as "no replies", so it remains mixed in with questions waiting for a better answer from a volunteer and those that have not been marked as solved (only the original poster can mark as solved).
  • If you are getting a message, please provide the complete message along with spaces punctuations, etc as seen in the message. This will help you and it will help others later using searches to find solved replies.
  • Please use the built-in Firefox spelling checker to automatically check spelling in text boxes. (additional notes and testing)

Picking up your answers (you must be signed in to view "my-contributions or to mark one answer as solved

  • There is a "Get email updates" in the upper right corner of each questions page that applies only to the question on that page. (you must do this for each question you want an email notification of activity for). To stop receiving updates on a question go to its page (like the one in the email) and click on "Stop email updates" (it only applies to the one question).
  • You can click on "My Contributions" -- (at the top of a main forum page, see pictures) -- and sort on "Most Recent" (recently updated appear first). You could create a bookmark for the page. (If you check your contributions here regularly, this is a good alternative to receiving email.)
Select Support Questions and put the username in the Asked by field. You can include question status items, and words found within the questions being searched for.

Feedback is important, whether suggestion works or not; problem remains open as unsolved until the owner (Original Poster) marks one answer as solved.

  • Marking an answer as solved helps, also if there were several solutions/suggestions within a chosen solution an additional note on which part specifically helped you would also be appreciated. Only the original poster can mark as solved, but even if you are not the original poster any answer that helped for you can be marked as helpful. Marking as solved does not prevent additional replies but it does indicate the issue is resolved with you. Anyone can mark an answer as helpful or not helpful. Marking as not helpful without a comment probably helps no one.

Profile Files

Make sure you know difference between export/import and backup/restore

For help working with your bookmarks and history see

Several pages of mine with additional help

Problems encountered by existing Firefox users You can make Firefox 4.0.1, 5.0, and Firefox 6.0 look like Firefox 3.6.20, see numbered items 1-10 in the following topic Fix Firefox 4.0 toolbar user interface, problems (Make Firefox 4.0 look like 3.6) -- Many questions asked in the support forum can are answered on this page, you may save yourself some time looking at this page.

Keep your extensions up to date, don't wait for a Firefox update and then try to do everything after the Firefox update.

Research your extensions, some may have updates, the most important infomation after the description is hidden, you must expand them ...

  • "Developer Comments" much more important than user comments, and
  • "Version information" which contain version compatibility, and size of the add-on along with release notes. Also check the "View all versions" link which may have later version available not yet approved.
Is It Compatible? :: Add-ons for Firefox, Are your add-ons compatible with the next version of Firefox? Find out straight from the Add-ons window!

You can force 6.0 "compatibility" with the "Compatibility Reporter" extension, or with extensions.checkCompatibility using about:config. Use with caution.

For those that really need an earlier version of Firefox, find your system and the Firefox version you want in releases, download and start the install.

or with the latest of version 3
Note Mac OS X 10.4 user, and Mac OS X 10.5 users without Intel cannot upgrade to Firefox 4 or 5 0r 6+.

When reinstalling Firefox from a download, Firefox must be down once the installation starts. When the installation finishes, don't let the install start firefox for you. Instead end the install and start Firefox in your normal manner, thus preventing creating a new profile which does not have your bookmarks cookies, etc (but your old profile would still be around and would).

Hierarchy that seems to get misplaced