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malware problem

i clicked the 'play' icon/button at either putlocker or 123movies/gomovies for a movie hosted at openload server and Firefox downloaded some file with no extension. i went to my downloads folder and it wasn't there and my file manager didn't find anything with that name. where the f--- is "open containing folder"??! it was 30 minutes before i realized firefox ignored my change in DL location from earlier in the day and recreated the old location and put it there, both on my external SD card. i put it in a zip file and deleted the original. it's named xmmagTg3, 236 bytes, and while my device notifications and downloads still have it, it was somehow removed from about:downloads by 16 hours later, but while it was there, it had a "location" of where it was downloaded from of "resource data." phone has been acting up ever since: being really slow, lagging to execute actions; internal memory fluctuating and not changing when changes are made (it had 0.00 for a while, even tho i cleared cache and other things, then it jumped up to around 53MB an hour later, then 68.x Mb it should've been, then back to 53; later i deleted 86MB of thumbnail data and it took 20 minutes to register; bits of memory are disappearing and today, every change is impossibly in whole numbers of MB: 109, 108, 106, 105); i haven't been able to tell if the SD card memory has been similarly crazy. i started to reinstall AVG, but i realized i have to allow unknown sources, and i feel like that might give this whatever an even worse foothold. i can't sign into anything for security's sake, and i'm scared to even restart it for what may happen, but i'll have to because i'm at only 13% now and the USB port is broken so i have to take my battery out to charge it. i don't think i have enough to backup what's on internal storage, but should i even since the file was on my SD card? i unmounted the card to see if there was any improvement in performance, but i haven't noticed any. this isn't a Firefox question/problem per se, except that it was Firefox that didn't ask before downloading, which if it had, obviously I would've cancelled. so advice, ideas, recommendations that i might not have thought of??

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