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Privacy benefits of Firefox when using Gmail and Google Search?

First off, this is more of a discussion question rather than a software issue, so my apologies if this is the wrong place. Firefox has been my go to desktop browser for years and I prefer it to Chrome or any other browser for its privacy, security, and features. I’ve recently switched to Firefox on iOS and am enjoying having all my tabs synced. I had always thought that my main reason for using Firefox was its privacy benefits, as I don’t like how Chrome wants you to login and have everything connected to a Google account. However, I use Gmail and Google Search, and believe that they are the best services of their kind in terms of features and usability. The fact that Google saves all your search terms and other data to your account by default and the fact that Gmail allows things such as Amazon to access data in your account did leave a bad taste in my mouth though. I’ve “turned off” Search history and tweaked the other privacy settings to my liking, but I’m not the biggest fan of how Google handles personal data. Despite my dislikes for their privacy management, I can’t bring myself to use anything else. Like I said, I’ve found Gmail and Google Search to be the best in their class for features and usability, and changing email addresses is a HUGE pain that I’ve already been through once and don’t want to go through again. Anyway, thinking about these things has left me wondering, what are the privacy benefits of using Firefox over Chrome if I’m just going to use Google services anyway? (I use Docs, Maps, and YouTube on occasion as well, but I’m not as concerned with them). Sure, there’s the blocking of trackers and the like, but that can be accomplished through other means like uBlock or a PiHole. I’m not in any way bashing Firefox and have no plans on switching, but I’m just wondering, if Google has access to my email and search data anyway, is there any reason to shy away from Chrome as far as privacy goes? What do you guys think? Do you feel comfortable with using Google for certain things?

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