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Another fake Mozilla Firefox Critical ERROR

The attached image of the fake Mozilla Firefox alert that I received today is the second of it's kind in the last few days. The first purported to be from Microsoft. These two browser hijackings are the FIRST TIME this has ever happened to me, and I've used the internet on a daily basis for decades. I follow all the accepted advice to avoid such things: I never open an email attachment unknowingly, nor do I visit potentially malicious websites. And I've been to a LOT of websites, all different kinds, good and bad, and have NEVER been messed with in this way. Maybe I've just been lucky, but along the way, I have almost always done my traveling via Firefox, and have NEVER experienced this sort of thing before. Which is why I've always been and remain loyal to Firefox. These aren't just annoying popups: Many people (too old or too young to know better) are AT RISK of doing what the popup DEMANDS that they do, with dire consequences. And when the popups are sophisticated enough and appear to take over their computer, they generate very real fear. I had to repeatedly shut down and restart my computer before I learned how to just shut down Firefox. But the popup made even that very simple task very difficult at first. As others have reported, the tabbed window containing the popup couldn't be closed, or other tabs opened, nor could Firefox be quit out of in the normal way. And even after I had restarted, the computer obligingly restored Firefox as it was when I shut down, so the popup was the first thing that came up when I clicked on my Firefox icon, and I had to again shut down and restart my computer. These aren't just annoying popups. After three separate sessions with McAfee, I finally reached the "Virus Removal Team" and got the help I needed. In the process, they discovered one suspicious file that the previous scans had all missed, and this was quarantined. After this was done, I then had no further problems. But even the McAfee VRT expert tried to tell me "not to worry", "this isn't a virus", that it's "just a browser issue", and that the code controlling the popup window "can't access my computer"--it's just trying to get me to call the bogus number. If it can't access my computer, how did the executable file that McAfee quarantined get onto my hard drive, and how did it continue to generate these popups when, as with others who have had this problem, I had not visited a malicious website or opened some malicious email attachment. If it CAN access my computer, and strike any time without warning, and then CONTINUE to generate these popups, then it has a name: it is a VIRUS. I offer my experience today as proof that this virus does, indeed, still exist. We don't need to point fingers--we know who the bad guys are. But we also don't need band-aids. This is a VIRUS. Ignore it at your peril! All a good thief needs today to steal your identity is your credit card number and your phone number. If you call the number on these alerts, you give both to him. Then he assumes your identity and goes and makes himself a new card with a new number on it, or opens himself a line of credit online in your name, and starts ordering diamonds online. Far-fetched? It happened to me. And it is happening to other unfortunate people as one of the many side-effects of calling the numbers on these ads--many of them, or these thieves would not still be in business. These aren't people trying to sell you "security" for your computer--they are THIEVES, and they will stop at NOTHING. As McAfee rightly said, a new one of them is "born every minute." My point is this: This particular VIRUS is not being called a virus because, unlike a virus, it CAN'T BE STOPPED. Not yet, anyway. And since the McAfee's and the Norton's of the world are still working on the problem, it's up to us (Mozilla users) to publicize the risks inherent in these very real security threats, and to call on Mozilla to lead the way in that publicity, until a real solution is found. Having now read other accounts of this fake error message, and seeing that it's not something new, why I have never seen an OFFICIAL Mozilla warning about it when my Firefox is automatically UPDATED, as it was just today? The suggestions in answer to related questions to "not worry about it" or just "roll over and go back to sleep and ignore it" or "press the <esc> key several times" may be well meant, but they are not going to help SOLVE this problem. Unknowingly, they may do just the opposite: They lull people into thinking this is not a problem they really need to concern themselves with, as long as there is a band-aid fix to stop it temporarily. The first step to solving it is for Mozilla to WARN users about it, NOT IN A FORUM like this, where only a handful of people read the warning, but VIA UPDATES, that reach all users, and then tell users what and what not to do about it. No, it is not Mozilla's fault that this is happening, but it IS Mozilla's responsibility to its users to help them help themselves when, as I was, they are suddenly confronted with this kind of hijacking of their previously TRUSTED Firefox browser and computer for the first time. After all, it is Mozilla's Firefox NAME that is being hijacked here, and Mozilla users urgently need a REAL alert from the REAL Mozilla, informing them of this hijacking, and they need it RIGHT NOW.

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Will Firefox ever let us return our browser appearance to the old style we knew and loved? Or are we stuck for good with this apple styled layout?

I left on holiday, to come home to find my Firefox had updated itself to a rather unsightly layout. For years I have used the classic theme restorer to make my browser look aesthetically pleasing. Every time I look up anything involving the new themes, the new layouts, I see the same questions everywhere. People want the old theme back, people want the option to revert back visually to the old style, to put the tabs "back where they belong on the bottom" and so on. So I ask, why can't we make that an official option? Why is that request constantly ignored while the visuals keep decaying into the unsightly layout that is reminiscent of school work, utterly devoid of personality. Please, give us options to individually change our layouts back to what they were. Give us better customization to personalize the experience, because sadly, customizing Firefox now feels like pulling teeth, where as over a decade ago it was so easy grade school students had their own personalized browser layouts. So for the question to answer, should anyone involved with Mozilla respond, do you have any plans to ever return to us, the users, the options to change the layout back to how we like it to look, or are we stuck for good dealing with these aesthetically repulsive layouts unless we switch to a new browser?

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Account locked

My sync account has been locked, please could you help me to recover it?

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