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Want "Do not allow" for websites requesting location.

A prompt appears on every website I visit that asks if I will allow to access my location. My answer is always NO and tired of the prompt appearing. I thought I had checked everything I could to keep my location from being accessed, but apparently not. I dug a little deeper and I did find instructions to stop these permanently, theoretically. The first step is to type "about: config" in the URL bar. OK. When I did that I got a scary message that this action might void my warranty and compromise my stability, security, and performance, followed by a waiver button saying "I accept the risk!" Huh? What warranty? Is this for real or just spam? Why would I have to accept a risk for what is supposed to be an 'opt-in' feature? Shame on whoever authored and/or authorized this blatant scare tactic! Call me old-fashioned but I don't feel like everyone in the world needs to know what I am doing, where I am doing it, and at what time. My own mother doesn't ask for that. Pretty sure she knows less about me than Google. Defending my privacy should not be an endurance test. How do I say NO, once and for all, until I change my mind? Why must I get caught in an endless loop of wrong answers when I just want to say MYOB. I am well aware that I may have missed some information, but why not just have a clear and obvious opt-in button that you select if you want it, and do nothing if you don't? So the default would be the LEAST intrusive option.

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How can I print or view a "Print to file" document?

I need to recover data from a document I printed to file.

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