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powerful add-ons again

Hi, I'm really frustrated that Firefox became the least customizable browser by removing access to existing APIs to extensions. The idea is to make browsing faster, more reliable and secure but this is: 1. not really the case [*] 2. at the price to not have any options (which was my primary feature of Firefox) After the upgrade a lot of useful addons stopped working. A lot of bugzilla feature requests to add APIs to Firefox are present but they are moving very slow as well apparently not all add-on authors have the nerves to go through the process. In the past requests for web extension APIs have been rejected with the rational that internal APIs can still be used. Now this is not anymore the case but the long-requested APIs have not been implemented. Basically I feel screwed by a lot of functionality being removed without robust path forward and no backward compatibility period. I might be just expressing my frustration that Firefox is becoming just another browser for the average user with decisions taken to screw advanced users. My request is to seriously reconsider Firefox development strategy by keeping the major advantages of Firefox over competitors. This forum is the only place I see fit to send out such a broad request. And I do this only because I still care about Firefox and am a loyal Firefox user since early days. And I would like to see improvements in it, not mimicking inferior designs. [*] I say not really the case, because I was using RightToClick in the past and it worked brilliantly. Had to switch to Enable Right click and select extension. And it took me a week to figure out that it breaks usual browsing experience in a very annoying way. So how did it help that extension is using new APIs? It didn't. Thus I conclude restricting APIs can't prevent bad user experience.

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Certificate error on some Google domains

Hi, I am getting an SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER on some (but not all) Google domains, YouTube for example. I am only getting the certificate error inside Firefox (I also have Chrome and Safari and they don't report a problem) and I *am* continuing to get the error while in safe mode (with all extensions disabled). I have added the troubleshooting info to this post, so feel free to check out the plug-ins I have installed. I have read the troubleshooting guide on SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER and I do not have any of the problems listed there. For example: I do not have any AV installed and my timezone and date/time are correct. I've gone though the certificate chain (see reply - the chain is too large to put into this post) and the root cert looks off to me. It claims to be 'GeoTrust Global CA' but the fingerprint does _not_ match the fingerprint of the cert visible in the Certificate Manager (Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> View Certificates -> Authorities -> GeoTrust Global CA -> View) and the Issuer is 'O=Equifax, OU=Equifax Secure Certificate Authority' whereas it should be 'O=GeoTrust Inc. OU=GeoTrust Global CA'. I think this problem only manifested itself yesterday (perhaps the day before), and I haven't installed any new software recently (although it is possible something may have updated itself). Now, I suspect that I could make this all go away by trashing or refreshing my profile, but I'd quite like to know where this cert is coming from. If I do happen to have a rouge plugin (or similar) then I'd prefer to know. All help and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Will Firefox ever let us return our browser appearance to the old style we knew and loved? Or are we stuck for good with this apple styled layout?

I left on holiday, to come home to find my Firefox had updated itself to a rather unsightly layout. For years I have used the classic theme restorer to make my browser look aesthetically pleasing. Every time I look up anything involving the new themes, the new layouts, I see the same questions everywhere. People want the old theme back, people want the option to revert back visually to the old style, to put the tabs "back where they belong on the bottom" and so on. So I ask, why can't we make that an official option? Why is that request constantly ignored while the visuals keep decaying into the unsightly layout that is reminiscent of school work, utterly devoid of personality. Please, give us options to individually change our layouts back to what they were. Give us better customization to personalize the experience, because sadly, customizing Firefox now feels like pulling teeth, where as over a decade ago it was so easy grade school students had their own personalized browser layouts. So for the question to answer, should anyone involved with Mozilla respond, do you have any plans to ever return to us, the users, the options to change the layout back to how we like it to look, or are we stuck for good dealing with these aesthetically repulsive layouts unless we switch to a new browser?

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