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CTRL + D is a complete nuisance.

So this has been a problem plaguing Firefox for as long as I can remember.. I am always using CTRL + F to search pages. I do this very regularly. Of course, with that I often hit CTRL + D by accident. I wouldn't say it's a problem to have it bound to bookmarks. What the problem, and the inherent nuisance is: CTRL+D automatically places the page as a bookmark, thus making me have to fix the issue by removing the bookmark. More often than not, I've already clicked away or done something that makes the little "Page Bookmarked" pop-up disappear... causing me to hunt it down in the (still, after so many years) very ugly and unorganized Bookmarks Library... so I have to hit alt, bookmarks, show all bookmarks or ctrl + shift + b (but that's a nasty hotkey that requires two hands or a very foreign feeling thumb placement so I click my way through instead.. anyways, back on topic..) I just want the ability, or perhaps a suggestion for the future: Don't make CTRL + D create the bookmark. Make that pop-up that says "Page Bookmarked" actually something like "Page to be Bookmarked" with a "Accept/Yes" instead of Done... Why? I am 100% sure that this key is more often *accidentally* hit than it is hit purposefully. I am sure if you were to record such a stat as "Was this bookmark subsequently removed after hitting CTRL + D within user's current session" and pingsender that back to your database where you can calculate all of this on a nice little chart or what-have-you, that you would see I am correct :P There may be a plugin out there that I haven't found but it's always been my experience that the more plugins you have- the more bogged down you are, especially with more windows/tabs. Idk if that still rings true in the newer firefox versions, but I'd rather not Have to get a plugin for something that I feel is more natural and proper.

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