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I need direct help where someone can email me back with my questions

I love my Firefox browser and I don't want to give it up if possible, I use version ESR 52.4.0 I have Windows XP with service pack 3. Now I realize this is an old system, there are still millions of us using it and some of us like me at the moment can't afford to buy a new computer with Windows 10 so I hope you please try to help me. This is a very recent problem that started in the last 3 weeks or so where some websites I can't play videos at all and some I can. I have the latest version of Flash Player and I check every time there's a problem to make sure it's activated which it is yet only some websites for some strange reason still don't detect Flash Player is enabled even though it is. I can't watch any videos at all on, it doesn't detect I have Flash Player and again I checked everything to make sure it's on and it is. I also use to watch regularly news on the Canadian News Broadcast and in the CBC Media Player recently I can't play any videos at all. Here are the links below for you to check, I have no idea what format they use and please try to be patient with me as I'm not a computer wiz and don't know what to do. Please check this for me and let me know what can be done. and once you go to those websites just click on any one the videos and hopefully you'll know what format they are using. What I don't understand is that there are some that have Google Chrome with Windows XP yet they can play those very same videos that I can't or at least that is what I was told by someone but I like Firefox, Google is less secure and they are known for tracking too much personal info. Also, now there are other websites where I can currently play videos just fine with no problems at all such as You Tube, Yahoo, and AT&T Won't you please try to help me? I also hope that Mozilla will please reconsider supporting Windows XP even if it's only a few years longer, I know it's a lot to ask because it's such an old system but again some of us can't afford a new computer and feel like we are being forced to buy a new computer because of Microsoft despite the facts our Windows XP computers still work fine and it's not fair. Can't Firefox meet us halfway? Even for a small yearly donation to fully support Windows XP? Even if you only asked for let's say a $20.00 donation for the year and you times that by the millions who still use XP and like their Firefox browser that would add up. I hope that you please change your mind. Anyway, please email with any possible answers and suggestions you have that might help me. Thank you so very much in advance for your time and understanding. Have a good day.

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