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After uninstalling Adware (WebCompanion), I still get my default search engine set to "Bing Search Engine"

I accidentally installed Web Companion. And as many others, I got issues with it, specially the most frustrating one: it kept changing my default SE to "Bing Search Engine", I say this because there is another option on it which just says "Bing" and that gives me no issues. I put google back onto default and changed my homepage. But after reopening Firefox, it reverted back the default SE. However, it did not do so with the homepage (which remained in google). I looked for help and found that the best solution was to install a bunch of Adware Removals. Which I did... "adwcleaner" "malwarebytes", "totaluninstaller", "cccleaner"... You name it, I tried it. It seemed that one by one they removed everything, and often there were some things that the previous software had left behind and that the new one was able to delete. All seemed fine, I had to restart the computer a couple of times and even delete some files manually that I found just by lucky search. All for nothing. Every time I open Firefox, Bing is the default, no matter how many times I change it. It's still in my computer even though the anti-adware find nothing. I look on the shortcut but everything is in order. I go to "about:config" and change all the settings to google and remove all that direct to bing etc. I restart Firefox, still on bing, go to "about:config" again and weirdly all settings are as I left them, all set to google. But default in the options menu is Bing regardless of what it says on "about:config" I then go to addons, extensions etc and find that there's nothing in there. I've tried every single possible solution I could find on the internet, but it's still on my computer. I've lost all day because of a stupid mistake I made while installing other stuff and not paying enough attention. I welcome any kind of help and I wish you a good 2018. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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links to websites in emails open only my home page and changes my default and only browser from firefox to thunderbird - ubuntu 16.04 lts

After latest update of firefox and thunderbird, when i try clicking on a link in emails (privacy tab - allow remote content is unchecked and always has been since started using ubuntu few years ago), the link opens my browser (firefox is only one i have installed) showing only my home page and the warning message about firefox not being my default browser pops up. Checking my default applications settings in system setting - details - default applications - web --- shows Thunderbird instead of Yahoo - Mozilla Firefox (adding the name of the homepage is new and also seen on a friends win 10 OS after updating as we have same page and browser - didn't try links in that machine as not my machine and the user is lucky enough to know how to click the icon once a year to get the emails form desktop). This machine is always kept up to date via software updater and my own doing. THe only way I have been able to open any links without the hassles described above with resetting things to normal is to right click the link, -- copy the link location and open Firefox manually and paste and go in url. A work around but not a productive means. I've tried removing Firefox and Thunderbird each separately along with all settings in computer so it is 100% clean install but this problem keeps happening. NO settings get changed but minor stuff like the time frame to mark emails as read and disable splash screen etc. As said ... minor that have nothing to do with how links are opened. Again .. this was after the most recent update of Mozilla FIREFOX. Sorry this is long but i am trying to cover all the bases and what i have done. MY child nearly missed every Santa video he received this year because of this issue. To end .. I don't open emails I don't know whom they came from, or links etc. Just no need for Viagra or enlargement supplements .

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