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Firefox app for deleting YouTube videos doesn't work anymore. The option I wanted is gone.

I was here a few days ago asking Firefox to help me have control over my YouTube selections that were offered. Like magic Firefox created the 3 dot icon next to every YouTube page that appeared, and I could tell it to go away, that no I didn't want to see it. Now the selections are all changed, and I have a big menu thing to choose from and none of them have anything to do with my YouTube selections. What Firefox had created before was perfect. Now I'm back to where I was before. I don't want to fill out a big menu. I just want to be able to control the selections of YouTubes that are presented to me. I have asked Firefox to help me have control over my YouTube selections. (solved but now not solved) I have asked Firefox to put a toolbar on the History page so I can email selections. There still isn't a tool bar on the History page. I did have the ability to refuse YouTube offerings in autoplay, but now I don't anymore. I have a big menu now of choices that has nothing to do with what I need. I thought I said I was happy as a lark with what Firefox created, but now we're back to zero again. I don't think I am such a different person than the average user. I like YouTube and I like to email people links. I just want some control over the things I'm offered by YouTube in autoplay. I start out okay and then YouTube inserts choices that I hate, and gets me off track. If I could just click on the choices and say no thanks, like before, that would be great. Put yourself in my place if you were a YouTube lover and you were being offered things you weren't interested in -- wouldn't you want to be able to signal no thanks? I was also able to create a playlist before with what was built into the app Firefox gave me, but now it's gone. It's all gone. I'm tired of writing so much to Mozilla Firefox. I'm tired and frustrated that my computer isn't working the way I want it to. I wrote a whole bunch of stuff and Firefox had it all going great, and I said iTHANK YOU, ITS PERFECT, THANK YOU. And now it's all changed again, just a big confusing mess, and I still idon't have the one thing I asked for which is to be able to refuse offerings. It was working an hour or so ago, but now it's something else. Something I don't like, that requires a lot of decisions on my part that have nothing to do with what I asked for and give me the feeling that I won't have a working computer at all pretty soon if I start clicking on any of the questions presented to me.

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Mail account setup issues

Background For over 15 years have been using a US based email forwarding service which receives mail addressed to the email address they registered for me and forwards it to my email address with my Australian ISP email client. Summarising, messages went to the US and were resent to Australia. Just over a month ago now my ISP started bouncing all forwarded emails for reason of poor reputation of the US sending servers. Seems they were distributing too much spam. Between the US company and my ISP it was agreed that the best solution was to take the US server out of the equation by creating an account for my US email address on my Australian ISP client. To this end the US side provided connection details for the email address they manage; incoming POP port 110, outgoing SMTP port 2525 or 587 (actually got 587 to work briefly). Issues Two issues and a question. The original settings are coming back every time Thunderbird is reloaded, and connection to server is timing out. Pressing the Done button should write the new settings. Correct? For me this action brought up the encryption warning to which I took "Understand the risk" option. Does taking this option cancel the write or should it have continued? If it cancelled the write would there be a warning message to this effect? Password doesn't appear to be a problem. Toad_Hall’s advice "The password is usually the same password as used by the incoming mail account and also the same as used to access webmail account via a browser" helped to clarify the issue of what logins are affected when resetting passwords. Two sites for this account are listed in Password Manager; mailbox and smtp. No problem logging on to mailbox to read messages, and am assuming that smtp addresses both incoming and outgoing ports. Also regarding the 'Save password' box which comes up always ticked. If left that way and an incorrect password is entered will Password Manager accept the change? Feel I’m pretty close to resolving this issue, and advice which will get me over the line will be appreciated. Thank you.

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