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I asked for help, and you closed the thread! That is not professional behavior. How do we get decent support from Mozilla?

Look guys, the new update to Quantum has killed the usability of Firefox for me. I'm trying to get this resolved, and I'm no fan of Google, and want Mozilla to succeed. I'm a user, not a 'Luser', but I now have to use a Firefox alternative. Shutting down my earlier thread doesn't give me encouragement about the future of Firefox. I've lived through the life and death of many technology companies and organizations. Earned a living as a marketing executive and industry analyst. The response from the Mozilla organization to my questions is not encouraging if Mozilla is going to survive. I would very much like Mozilla to survive, but it still has to compete in an open market. I have tried to get Mozilla's attention, am attempting to continue using Mozilla offerings, but you all need to behave in a professional manner. I am not seeing that, and I'm not trying to be a troll. What I am seeing is the characteristics of an organization in a death spiral. Shutting down a conversation because it is uncomfortable is seldom a good reaction. Facing it, acknowledging it, and maintaining communication with users that have problems helps. Sadly the response from this forum has given me more incentive to abandon Mozilla. Is that the result that you want? Did I hurt your feelings perhaps? Did I simply choose 'The Wrong Browser'?

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How to roll back to version 56

I've noticed in some forums moderators asking "what is wrong". So, after having a drink and a few deep breaths, I have the following problems: * NoScript does not work. I'm sorry, I am used to this as it's not recognised by sites as an ad-blocker and works very well. I do feel safer with it running as opposed to relying on just my on AV. * I had updates turned off, and yet this was still pushed through. Also, no notification, nothing. I went to work this morning after having version 56, got home to version 57. Sorry, but you don't get to make that decision, I do. * As I have never used Chrome other than a one-off to find out I didn't like it, I dislike very much the new design. I prefer tabs on the bottom, icons on the toolbar and loading symbols actually showing a page is loading. It took me a long time looking only to eventually see a tiny TINY dot moving back and forth on the tab. * The dark blue is just horrible, and the tabs that fade into the margin are not easily seen or read by those with visual problems. * You have taken away all my choice to customise the browser as I want. * You're no longer unique. Firefox was always loved by people because we could customise it as we wanted, and it stood out. Ever since version 40 or so, it's just looked like a cheap Chrome knock-off. * I shouldn't have to go through 40 different steps to get back to the version I want. * I was never having issues with page loading, and I live in a country that is beaten by third world slums for internet access. TL;DR want to roll back to 56 because I didn't agree to this.

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