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Hubs keyboard and mouse controls

Keyboard and mouse controls ActionControlsContext MoveArrow or W, A, S, D keys TurnQ and E or left mouse button TeleportRight mouse button Move fasterShift Show menusHold Space Toggle menusTab Toggle microphone muteM Focus chatT Rotate objectMove mouseAfter pressing and holding the Rotate button in the object's menu Scale objectShift + Mouse wheelWhile holding an object Move object closer/awayMouse wheelWhile holding an object Drop pen or cameraRight mouse button or EscapeWhile holding a pen or camera Next/previous pen colorShift + E, Shift + QWhile holding a pen Change pen sizeShift + Mouse wheelWhile holding a pen Undo pen strokeCtrl + ZWhile holding a pen Take photoLeft mouse buttonWhile holding a camera Increase/decrease media volumeMouse wheelWhile hovering over media Exit camera mirror modeEscape Search the webCtrl-[1-7]While holding a camera Spawn from ChatCtrl-EnterWhile typing into chat box I'm Feeling LuckyCtrl-EnterWhile searching content search box missing

I am running firefox 88.0 on Windows 10. is my home page. Lately, the search box in the middle of the screen is simply gone. This is the one with "Google Search" and "I'm feeling lucky" buttons, also gone. If I run Edge on the same machine the box is there. Likewise it is fine on Linux. Other Windows 10 machines I've check are also OK. The only difference I can see off-hand is that the problem computer is 32bit. Any ideas?


The first four correspond to current session (opened tabs and windows) and its backups, and the previus session. The file places.sqlite contains the bookmarks and the files ending in .json with name bookmarks + some date + random string contain bookmark backups. If you are lucky enough to retrieve those files copy them on a clean Firefox profile and replace any existing files. If it doesn't work, then feel free to ask in Reply Section. Thanks for raising your question in Mozilla Support Forum.

High-contrast theme not working properly with Firefox 73

Good news is that update fixed several accessibility issues with Firefox's interface wtih add-ons (i.e. invisible buttons became visible). Bad news is that key functionality in webpages broke down. Attached are example screenshots from Google main page and Foreca weather service's 10 day forecast for Jyväskylä, Finland. In Google's case "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" text is white on black as should be but buttons also have thick white borders around them (not present before update), which makes reading text difficult. In Foreca's site its propably something similar but there is so much white colour involved that I'm unable to read anything.

unfortunately lost bookmarks in my android

You account is a means to tra after data between devices, the storage there is temporary and not designed to be used as a backup. In the past it appears you have been lucky and Firefox Sync has been able to transfer a copy back but as I mentioned previously, Firefox Sync is not designed to be used as a backup.

Add Collections to Firefox Sync

Well, wait... Where are her collections with her hundred-or-more tabs in them for various stuff? Turns out they don't sync? I've been helping her manually move over the tabs from the collections on her old phone to the new phone, but I feel *extremely* lucky we still have the phone. If she'd lost her phone instead, that would be quite the amount of time she'd spent getting acquainted with and using this feature just to find it doesn't save anywhere. This was all essentially written as a real-life use-case, for the following plea: Please, *please* add Collections to what is able to be synced with the Firefox Sync feature.

I have updated my O/S from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.10. Nothing else. Now Firefox is nearly useless

When it loads, there are...... 8 x 6 windows of FireFox and each of those have anywhere from one to ""THIRTY"" tabs loading. Believe me: ""It worked!!"" I could use it, also run other tasks as well - though a VM was pushing it with the RAM. But the entire machine worked. Now, I am lucky if FireFox loads at all. Let alone let me browse. When it loads some of the window's tops are flashing. A screen shot does not really show this. (I tried) All that has changed is the O/S from 18.04 and Firefox from (what ever it was) to 83.0 I don't want this to be a finger pointing exercise between Mozilla and Ubuntu.

This symbol is appearing in emails I send without my typing it: Â

My email address was actually taken over a few years ago by AOL when Verizon dumped email accounts. Well your email account is now administered on Yahoo. Lucky you. Inept is the only description I feel I can offer for them. However you do need to make some changes to cope with the buggy Yahoo system. As I have posted this a lot of times I have decided to put it on my blog, instead of writing it out again and again without the benefit of pictures..

Cannot get past error "Thunderbird is already running, but not responding..."

Always Quit Thunderbird before copying, moving or modifying anything in a profile folder. Great advice Stans...and I will definitely be more diligent backing up more often. I feel so fortunate that I had one less than a month old - that was unusual based on my old processes. I got lucky.

How can I turn off the redirect notice?

Firefox doesn't do that... Could you share the details of your "I feel lucky" search plugin's search URL? The simplest way to find that is to search with the Network Monitor open. To open the Network Monitor in the lower part of the tab, you can use either: * "3-bar" menu button > Web Developer > Network * (menu bar) Tools > Web Developer > Network * (Windows) Ctrl+Shift+e When you submit a new search through the address bar, Firefox should list the full URL of the request and show any redirects along the way.

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