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High-contrast theme not working properly with Firefox 73

I updated Firefox to version 73.0.1 and Windows 10 Pro to version 1909 at last week. Good news is that update fixed several accessibility issues with Firefox's interface wtih add-ons (i.e. invisible buttons became visible). Bad news is that key functionality in webpages broke down. Attached are example screenshots from Google main page and Foreca weather service's 10 day forecast for Jyväskylä, Finland. In Google's case "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" text is white on black as should be but buttons also have thick white borders around them (not present before update), which makes reading text difficult. In Foreca's site its propably something similar but there is so much white colour involved that I'm unable to read anything. Can I somehow fix this issue myself? If not where should I report this issue? Google: Foreca: P.S. On page used for sending this message "Post Question" button has similar thick border but in light blue instead of white. Much easier to read than in posted example cases.

Why the near continuous updates, "fixing" problems I don't see in Firefox

I get Updates weekly, I'm told they fix a problem. I see no problem. I take time to close out of everything I'm doing so when it reboots my pc I won't loose anything. I watch it install, I watch it reboot (occasionally twice), I go back to work, having lost 15 min or so in closing everything down, and making sure things are saved, running install, watching reboot (occasionally twice! Why) and then opening everything back up and getting back to work again. I am then, usually, told that the pro

Disable the new address bar features in Firefox 77

Hi, I had applied the settings to disable the new urlbar features, but as of version 77 these no longer work. I absolutely hate this change; it does nothing useful, it interferes with viewing the page, and it very much feels to me like change for the sake of change. If someone can pass this on to whoever makes these unilateral decisions : Don't make changes to the user interface that are not optional. How do they not understand that changing the UI for hundreds of millions of people is not a good idea? So my question is, how do I disable the new urlbar "features" and return to a plain static one?

Yahoo passwords. How do I reach someone who actually works for Firefox?

Firefox randomly logs out of sites even when I've left the tabs open, and this week there have been problems with re-entering and resetting all the passwords. (Which is a HUGE waste of time and will keep Firefox from being my default browser when I get a laptop with enough working memory left to run anything else.) With Google and Twitter the password issues wasted only about half an hour, but with Yahoo there's still a problem. It looks as if Firefox is trying to re-enter the e-mail address into the password field even when I've typed in the password. Could this be a problem with Firefox rather than Yahoo? Please refer this question to someone who can actually go in and fix the problem, not just a "nice" Web surfer with a tip like "get a new laptop." (Though if that's your idea of a solution, feel free to send me one.)

Firefox Autofill Frustration, Am I doing it wrong?

I love the AutoFill feature, with some exceptions. And I am hoping someone can offer a solution, even if it is to tell me I am doing it wrong. It seems like others would have a similar problem, and it is sort of difficult to explain, although I'd think there would be a simple solution. Anyway, let me try to explain... When I use the autofill option, it is usually while placing an order, or filling out my account details for whatever shopping site, or gaming profile, etc. But I have multiple addresses I need to consider when I am shopping, and need to send the order to one or the other, instead of my regular address. Like placing an order that I want sent to my mother's address. As anyone knows, when you change something, like the address, state, zip or phone number, you end up with several autofill entries. Like this... First Name, Last Name (My primary info, but I can't see it in the pop-up) First Name, Last Name (My primary info, but my work address, which I also don't see) First Name, Last NAME First Name, Last Name FIRST NAME, Last Name First Name, Last Name These pop up, all valid options, the next time you start filling out a form. Which is great, because ONE of them is the one you would like to use, but there is no way to see WHICH one points to the one you need. The first one is my normal address, phone, etc, but the autofill pop up doesn't show you anything other than the name, the second is my work, but I can't see that it is... only the name. The third might be my mom's address, but again, I have no idea because only my name is shown...etc etc etc. Is there a better autofill plugin out there, one that lets you label them? Or some way to show more than just the name? Just showing me the same name 12 times, without any way to know what the right one to use is, kinda makes the autofill feature useless for me. If I only had one phone, or one address, etc, the feature would work great. But since I have about a dozen addresses I routinely use, each with their own unique state or zipcode, or phone number, has rendered autofill useless unless I only need the common "top" one. I hope I've made it clear what the problem is. And no, using a unique firefox profile for each is not the answer. I'd have to log out/off firefox and switch profiles several times in one shopping or gaming session, which would only make the solution highly annoying. It would be nice to find a plugin, or any other solution, that would let me label, or differentiate each from the other when the autofill pop-up gives me the option to fill the form. Like... Home - First Name, Last Name Work - First Name, Last Name Mom's - First Name, Last Name Gary's - First Name, Last Name Anyone have a solution, or feel my pain? Or am I simply doing it wrong? ANY help is greatly appreciated.

Restore bookmarks isn't working

I just updated to windows 10, before I did I backed up my files on my firefox bookmark account. I went to to the restore thing, I saw all my stuff for a moment but after accepting the restore I can't get it to show. I still have my one Restore March, 31st option with 11 items appearing but nothing happens.

Does Firefox Preview replace Firefox?

I'm confused. Does Firefox Preview replace Firefox on my Android? Currently, I have both on my phone so should I uninstall Firefox?

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