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I should have a crash report ! I dont see one. I woke up this morning and it crashed in my sleep ? Make a crash report for me ?

[Crash] Sudden Crash on Firefox for Android 79.0.0

** Environment ** Firefox for Android : 79.0.0 (Build #2015753875) AC: 48.0.8, f8d50ada8 GV: 79.0-20200720193547 AS: 61.0.10 OS: Android 9.0.1 ** What happened?/Step to reproduce ** # browse a website # lock the phone screen # unlock the phone # Firefox no responses,and then (fews seconds) it crashed # no dialog box which reminds me that "it crashed and I need to send crash report to Mozilla" after crashing. This issue reproduces every time.

Fix crashing error

Fix Crashing Error

Firefox for Android Stuck on Crash Reporter

Regular Firefox app opens to the crash reporter and there is no way to dismiss it that I've found. Tried restarting my phone and deleting app data/cache. No luck. I've also completely uninstalled the app multiple times. Galaxy S9+ running Android Pie What do I try next?

Firefox about:config always crashes

Hello I have been recently trying to use firefox about:config on firefox with my kindle fire hd 10(9th gen) but it just crashes the app the moment it loads.

Firefox for Android crashes way too much

It can't handles multiple tabs. whenever I tried to open '''8-10''' tabs it crashes automatically.

Firefox and Focus crash constantly in Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T530 with Android 5.0.2. I recently downloaded both Firefox and Firefox Focus but I haven´t been able to use neither of them: at first they just crashed, but now the tablet restarts a few seconds after opening and trying to browse anything. Every other app seems to work just fine. I reinstalled it a few times. I've been able to view "about:crashes" and there were no crashes. What else can I do? I don't want to use Chrome :( Please help!

Private search crashes and then all tabs gone

Like the title says but first some context Since the horrible android browser REDESIGN this has happened, never before, im using the latest version and this has happened with every update since that unneeded and unwanted NEW firefox came out Before i could have up to 60 tabs in normal navigation, and the same amount in private, watch videos and animations at least ten tabs of those on each browsing section, the worst that could happen eas all private tabs would close and that was on rare cases Now it (closing)tends to happen 3 days or so, no matter how many on normal navigation or even private but the recurring thing is, opening videos sometimes work, but sometimes the entire browser crashes and with each crash all normal tabs dissapear as well and since you removed so many options including about:blank and other abouts that j knea how to use to recover pages, now is simply an entire session GONE and this has happenes 3 entire times already, the first time it happened i lost months of browsing i had prior to the dreaded update, they were gone and since, i try to use even less the browser, but is the only one with addon support(same addons i installed firefox years ago on android and guess what, none of them were active when the redesign installed the first time or worked and still the crash happened, so if none of your technicians can provide anything other than the boiler plate reaponse of " please update to the most recent version" (which both already are, firefox and android system) "disable addons" which they were the first crash, and reinstall(which i did when i tried to migrate to opera before i realized i can't install a good adblocker on their android version), then DO NOT BOTHER on answering(also, even webm format as well as many others seem to crash it JUST FINE)

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