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Firefox Focus 8.0.23 crashes on startup - Android 5.0.2

FFF crashes a few seconds after opening. Getting the "Unfortunately, Firefox Focus has stopped" message. Seems to have occurred with the October 14 update. Anyone have any luck getting resolution to this issue? Thanks!

Send usage data on Firefox mobile browsers

The Send usage data control appears in the settings menu for many of Mozilla’s mobile products. This controls your sharing of crash, technical, testing, notifications and campaign measurement data. Table of Contents1 Technical and interaction data2 Crash and error data3 Feature testing and notification data4 Campaign measurement and data5 Frequently Asked Questions5.1 Why do you enable data collection by default?

firefox focus app not working

Hi Is this happening with a particular web page? It’s happening before I even go to a web page. As soon as I turn on Norton VPN I get an error message that reads: “Sorry. Firefox Focus had a problem and crashed. Send crash report to Mozilla.” When I turn off Norton VPN Firefox Focus works just fine. This has only been happening the last couple of weeks. Prior to this I never had a problem. I’ve been using Firefox Focus and Norton VPN for many months. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Firefox Focus app many times but the problem remains.

Bug with Slide-to-type with URL autocomplete

When using slide-to-type, Firefox will try to find a URL. But if I’m deleting this word with the suggestion of URL, the application crashed. Can you fix that ? It’s not very annoying because I don’t use slide-to-type often but it’s for the perfection of your application