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Firefox crash not submitted

Firefox crashed and displayed the crash dialog. There the "submit" option was selected (it is selected by default, it seems) and I clicked QUIT. Then it showed "submitting report..." and then closed after a few seconds. Then I restarted Firefox and opened about:crashes. There the recent crash was listed under "Unsubmitted Crash Reports". So it seems either: - it was not submitted (bug in the crash submit dialog, it said it is submitting but failed) - or it was submittted (bug in about:crashes, where it claims it wasn't) I submitted the crash manually , see ID bp-7a2c87cc-4834-4f85-8858-b3ec00200520

Firefox crashes

While browsing Firefox crashed, a pop up crash report box appeared with the option to quit or restart- restart didn’t work and I haven’t been able to open Firefox since

Firefox keeps crashing

My firefox keeps crashing on startup I've and i have no idea what's causing it. I've tried starting it safe but its a crapshoot if it crashes or not. Crash ID: bp-6ae55a00-2457-4e87-853c-84d210200903

Firefox crashes

It crashes as it asks for master password Crash ID: bp-3e4ed19b-19fc-4c6e-b8d5-fe89d0191009

Firefox constantly is crashing

This has just recently started with this constant crashing of my Firefox. I'm doing computer work and then it crashes. I submitted the crash reports that were not submitted this morning on December 02, 2020. Yet, two of the crash reports failed to submit.

Crashes consistently

I've tried all the recommended fixes. Upgraded memory, file check, DISM, safe mode, refresh, update, etc. etc. Here are some of the infinite number of crash reports: Crash ID: bp-ab045501-5c4f-439e-b01c-23afa0201116 Crash ID: bp-654606c6-6616-4cc4-a6c5-1ee420201116 Crash ID: bp-413dbf26-b713-4be2-b6b5-d88440201116 Crash ID: bp-1c6d93f2-17ad-4b6b-b223-4f0010201116

keeps crashing

Keeps crashing

Firefox crashes

firefox crashes when i start firefox

Firefox keep crashing

Hi for a while now, few months Firefox crash like crazy on my PC Sometimes it would just crash at start, and refused to open Sometimes tab start crashing, and eventually firefox crashes Common sites where i see the crash happens are and I usually restart my PC , refresh firefox or reinstall it to get rid of the crashes but this is very tiring , very tiring I am sure its something on my PC that causing the conflict, because even reinstalling doesnt entirely fix it But i have no clue what it could be

Firefox crashes

my tabs are always getting crashed irrelevant to the subject.

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