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Firefox crashes

Firefox crashes when I start a download. Firefox crashes when I leave full screen on youtube. Firefox crashes when I close a page. Firefox crashes multiple time when starting firefox. firefox does not record these crashes and when I try to submit the few reports that are there all fail. firefox crashes if I try to open download window if I try and revert to an older version firefox immediately after update my addons downloads an update that I can not stop and then updates all my addons again and immediately starts crashing again I am running 73.0.1 and also crashes trying find what version I am running and it crashes when I am trying to write this I don't get any error messages just shuts down Errol Foster

Firefox keeps crashing

Firefox keeps crashing. It loads and then after a minute or so it crashes. Just started today; yesterday and before this I never had this problem.

Firefox crashing

Firefox not starting and giving me Crash report. What's up.

Firefox keeps crashing

My Firefox keeps crashing. I have tried safe mode but its still crashing.

Tab crashing

Help me with the tab crash! It's very common

Firefox crashes

anytime I try to print fire fox crashes

Firefox crash

I would like to fix or delete the firefox crash

Firefox crashes - often

I've been a Firefox user for years, and can't figure this out. My installation of Firefox 76.0.1 on Windows 10 crashes daily. It crashes in safe mode, my Windows is up to date, my video drivers are up to date. Before it crashes, I usually have one or more pages crash ("Gah! Your tab crashed"). After it crashes, it may or may not invoke the Mozilla crash reporter. Below are a few of the recent crash reports. Can anyone give me some guidance that might help stop the crashes? Thanks! bp-be7d292f-64b0-4a4f-83d2-31fea0200509 bp-865e146c-f5a8-4042-9247-cce7a0200507 bp-8179a418-8c2c-4c89-9c61-de0f70200505 bp-07a0e7f8-47b8-49d6-82c0-74e760200505 bp-dcfc7eb1-9b4d-4eaf-86c1-551060200505 bp-82547851-f40e-44cf-980a-135920200505

Facebook crashes

I can log onto Facebook but as soon as I get to my feed the tab crashes. No other site but Facebook is causing this to happen. I've submitted the crash reports but that is it. Viewed it afterward but I can't make heads or tails of what it's saying. The tab crashes in "safe mode" as well. Hopefully someone reading this can help.

Firefox crashing randomly

Recently, often when I'm casually browsing the web Firefox tends to crash. When it does, it won't start up for a couple of times. When I start it back up it will immediately crash again. Sometimes it takes an hour or a system reboot to fix it. Even if I'm just watching a video on Youtube it will sometimes crash out of the blue. Starting in safe mode crashes as well. I'm having some more weird issues with my PC lately, like games crashing or getting RAM-related Bsod's. I really hope someone can help me with this issue because it might also give me some more insight into what's going on with my PC.

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