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Firefox crashes

While browsing Firefox crashed, a pop up crash report box appeared with the option to quit or restart- restart didn’t work and I haven’t been able to open Firefox since

Firefox keeps crashing

My firefox keeps crashing on startup I've and i have no idea what's causing it. I've tried starting it safe but its a crapshoot if it crashes or not. Crash ID: bp-6ae55a00-2457-4e87-853c-84d210200903

Firefox crashes

It crashes as it asks for master password Crash ID: bp-3e4ed19b-19fc-4c6e-b8d5-fe89d0191009

Firefox constantly is crashing

This has just recently started with this constant crashing of my Firefox. I'm doing computer work and then it crashes. I submitted the crash reports that were not submitted this morning on December 02, 2020. Yet, two of the crash reports failed to submit.

Crashes consistently

I've tried all the recommended fixes. Upgraded memory, file check, DISM, safe mode, refresh, update, etc. etc. Here are some of the infinite number of crash reports: Crash ID: bp-ab045501-5c4f-439e-b01c-23afa0201116 Crash ID: bp-654606c6-6616-4cc4-a6c5-1ee420201116 Crash ID: bp-413dbf26-b713-4be2-b6b5-d88440201116 Crash ID: bp-1c6d93f2-17ad-4b6b-b223-4f0010201116

keeps crashing

Keeps crashing

Firefox crashes

firefox crashes when i start firefox

Firefox crashes

my tabs are always getting crashed irrelevant to the subject.

firefox keeps crashing

will somebody fix the automatically add link below … I just lost all the detail information... firefox keeps crashing every few minutes its so flaky ive given up perservering and deinstalled… does ANYONE read the crash reports??? os is latest windows 10... an old post describes my issue and steps i have taken exactly Now it is not even creating crash reports after it crashes. What the heck is going on? It all started with the last update! I also already turned off hardware acceleration and the multiprocess function, but every time a tab is open, it crashes, restarts, then does not even provide a crash report that is submitted or unsubmitted.


Hi, Firefox / Mozilla continuously crashes. However, when I switch browser to Explorer it works. Please advise on fix. Thanks, Alex

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