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Crash report

Does a submitted crash report include the URLs of the web pages open in the browser at the time of the crash? Is there any way to identify the web pages at the time of the crash (so they can be restored when all else fails)? Thank you.

Firefox crashes

I posted a long message about Firefox Crashing & the response by FredMcD was to start it in Safe Mode. But when I did that, Firefox crashed.

constant crashing

Firefox crashes frequently. It doesn't matter which age I am in, it crashes

Firefox crashes

i am fedup with firefox crash again and again. working with RHEL 7. Having a very little bit of knowledge of RHEL. Anybody can me help please , tried all the steps mentioned in but no gain.


Since I upgraded to Catalina on my MacPro Firefox repeatedly crashes and I have to force quit

Firefox crashing

Firefox ESR 78.11.0 version. For some reason lately a few users have been experiencing crashing of firefox. I'm tried going forward to 78.12.0 and backwards to 68.9 and it still keeps crashing. What could be some other fixes besides refreshing and running in safe mode. It still crashes performing both methods. Thank you!

Browser crash

I work at an organization and one of our workers has intermittent crashing with Firefox. He has tried restarting in safe mode and still experiences the crashes. He is currently using Chrome, but would like to go back to Firefox. I was wondering where I could send his crash codes too so we can further assist

firefox crashes on startup

Firefox crashes on startup. It creates at every crash a dmp file.

Firefox crash not submitted

Firefox crashed and displayed the crash dialog. There the "submit" option was selected (it is selected by default, it seems) and I clicked QUIT. Then it showed "submitting report..." and then closed after a few seconds. Then I restarted Firefox and opened about:crashes. There the recent crash was listed under "Unsubmitted Crash Reports". So it seems either: - it was not submitted (bug in the crash submit dialog, it said it is submitting but failed) - or it was submittted (bug in about:crashes, where it claims it wasn't) I submitted the crash manually , see ID bp-7a2c87cc-4834-4f85-8858-b3ec00200520

Firefox crashes

While browsing Firefox crashed, a pop up crash report box appeared with the option to quit or restart- restart didn’t work and I haven’t been able to open Firefox since

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