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Double NAT causing intermitant problems browsing

Hi folks. This is a bit of a doozy, and I accept: it is most likely of my making. Initial investigations say it is because of "DOUBLE NAT", but something tells me otherwise. Here is the "problem" as it presents itself. I go to a web site: (eg) It loads. (But there is a catch to that. See later.) You see a menu bar with HOME SHOWS VENUES SHOWCASE TOUR FAQS ABOUT...... I click on VENUES and I am "blocked" from that site. However! If I open a PRIVATE window and go to that site: it loads. Quick clarification of the bigger picture: (This is day 3 on the time line) Day 1. I have ADSL internet and all is sweet. The afore mentioned sites work and load no problems. I'll call it a modem, but it has 4 ethernet ports too. Day 2. I connect to a new system here called "the NBN". I am given a MODEM (one ethernet port only) and an ISP router which has a couple of nice functions/features. It has 4 ethernet ports and a bit more. I know this part isn't helping, but it is interesting to learn what is going on. For now I am plugging my OLD/ORIGINAL ADSL modem's WAN port into the new ISP router ethernet port. All SORT OF works. I was getting a fair bit of "I can't load this page" errors from FireFox OR I was redirected to the NEW router log in page. The next day, most of the problems had gone away. Pages loaded ok. WEIRD! But, as my luck has it: I spoke too soon and I found this problem. Day 3. Hi. The problem is as stated. If I click on the VENUES, I get redirected to the NEW ROUTER log in page. Be it I open the link or "open in new tab" it. BUT! If I open the initial link in a PRIVATE window and click VENUES, it opens. (Or I copy the link and paste it in the private window.) It seems like a FF caching problem. Sure, I kind of get it, and accept the problem as given. What I am wanting to understand is what is really going on. Given the cache "stores data locally", if I go back to the site, it loads the cache rather than from the site. Which makes sense in one way but no another. 1 - cache has the pages. they have been visited before DAY 2. I go to the pages/URL, and the cached data is displayed. 2 - it is day 2. I go the the page/URL. The data is in the cache. Why is it I am now redirected to the new router log in page? that is counter intuitive to what the cache is there for. Then, the next physical day, those pages work. Today: Day 3, I am trying to load another link which I have previously been to and it should be cached. Yet, when I go to it - in NORMAL MODE - it redirects me to the new router log in page. If I open it from a PRIVATE window, it works. Someone - please? If you have read this far: FF 66.0.3 64 bit. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Oh, that's already there.) See what the system guessed. It is correct.

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Does Firefox Sync backup the content blocking exceptions?


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