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How can I sync between devices but within specific profiles?

CONTEXT I started using the separate Profiles feature within my account for Firefox recently and I'd like to keep separate settings/bookmarks/history for work and personal use. I work on both my home and work computers but I also use my home computer for personal usage unrelated to work. CURRENTLY Firefox Sync appears to sync up my bookmarks and other settings and info between ALL devices AND profiles so no matter what profile/device I'm on, I see work related bookmarks/history and personal bookmarks/history all the time. Firefox Sync doesn't utilize the separation of profiles within an account. DESIRED Is there a way to sync between devices but only within specific profiles? Like for me, I'd like to be able to have a "work" profile with job related bookmarks and "personal" profile with social media and youtube bookmarks and have both profiles exist both on my work computer and home computer so I could access either from each device. I'd just want Firefox Sync to synchronize my browsing/bookmarks between devices but not between separate profiles. Is this possible? I've looked everywhere for settings to be able to control how sync'ing between devices/profiles occur but can not find such functionality. I'm aware you can choose what content to synchronize in sync settings but I'm more interested in sync settings between same profiles on different devices. DESIRED

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