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Can I get already synced bookmarks off of a dead device? And other syncing issues...

This involves Firefox on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. I have been using Firefox on my MacBook since 2012, and been syncing to my Android phones since 2015-ish (a Huawei, then Samsung, then another Samsung, replacing them as they broke). I never had any problems. I can't remember if I was able to access already synced bookmarks from broken phones, but since I move my mobile bookmarks into desktop bookmark folders pretty often, I was never bothered enough to check. Last October, my MacBook's logic board broke. Not long after, my phone broke. I got a secondhand iPhone, and signed into sync, but nothing synced up. I assume because my devices are already dead and no longer syncing? Is there anyway for me to access my laptop bookmarks? I still have the hard drive from the MacBook. I finally have access to a computer again, this time a Windows desktop, and logged in to my Firefox sync to see if I could find any of my disappeared bookmarks. Nope, but something weird happened. I have about 200 bookmarks on my iPhone, and the first 139 migrated to the desktop. They show up under the 'Mobile Bookmarks' folder on the desktop, but I can no longer see them on my iPhone. The most recent 20 or so bookmarks are still available on my iPhone, but don't appear on the desktop. What just happened? While going through all the help pages, I discovered that I do have a second Firefox profile, though I opened it up and there isn't anything on it. Not sure if that matters. Thank you!

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