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Firefox becomes unresponsive when Firefox Sync is syncing

I can not deliver a crashreport because it is a hard crash and Firefox creates no report. I tried everything from savemode, new installation, deleting and recreating a Firefox Sync Account. When the first firefox ist syncing everything is fine, when the firefox on the second Windows device is starting to sync firefox freezes after a few moments and and windows 10 is marking firefox as unresponsive. It all started after upgrading to 55.0.3. When I disconnect from Firefox Sync everything is working normal. 1504127878994 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Flushing file log 1504127879003 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Log cleanup threshold time: 1503263879003 1504127880116 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Done deleting files. 1504127968987 Sync.Service DEBUG User-Agent: Firefox/55.0.3 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) FxSync/ 1504127968987 Sync.Service INFO Starting sync at 2017-08-30 23:19:28 in browser session QEDKDr8E2qRy 1504127968987 Sync.Service DEBUG In sync: should login. 1504127968987 Sync.Status DEBUG Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok 1504127968987 Sync.Service INFO Logging in the user. 1504127968987 Sync.BrowserIDManager INFO initializeWithCurrentIdentity has no user logged in 1504127968987 Sync.BrowserIDManager ERROR Could not authenticate: no user is logged in 1504127968988 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Clearing sync triggers and the global score. 1504127968988 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Next sync in 90000 ms. 1504127968988 Sync.ErrorHandler ERROR Sync encountered a login error 1504127968989 Sync.Service DEBUG Exception calling WrappedLock: no user is logged in 1504127968990 Sync.Service DEBUG Not syncing: login returned false. 1504127968995 Sync.ErrorHandler DEBUG Addons installed: 1 1504127968995 Sync.ErrorHandler DEBUG - Bookmarks Organizer, version 1.3.0, id

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