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"not resopnding" caused by RSS feed checks [was why does this suck SO bad?]

I like the bit about "our volunteers are Mozilla users just like you"... because the people actually responsible to taking a once great program and making it worse... and worse... and worse... can't be bothered. They are, presumably, too busy [language redacted] things up. What's the problem? Well, it freezes up and never recovers if I DO something. Alternatively, it freezes up and never recovers if I start it, and never do anything at all. Brilliant.

RSS feed, HTML link in "from" field

Hello, I just subscribed to some arXiv RSS feeds ( They are using HTML links in the "from" fields (which correspond to the authors). For instance, "<a href="">Nagi Khalil</a>" instead of "Nagi Khalil". It looks like Thunderbird doesn't interpret the HTML links and do not remove them either. The "from" field is thus unreadable for a human being (see image). I would like either to have the link or to get rid of the HTML tags. How can it be done? Best, A. PS: Thunderbird 78.3.1 on Debian 10.6

thunderbird freezes on large mailboxes

I'm working with Thunderbird since it was still NetscapeMail. I see myself as an ambassador for your software as I install/recommend it on a lot of clients/friends their computers. Now some of these clients (the ones with a lot of big mailboxes) often complain about Thunderbird freezing when getting new mail. I can confirm this behavior on my main computer (running Win10x64 and 6 mailboxes and lots of rss feeds). The freezing is happening when new mails come in and the spam controls do their thing... Thunderbird freezes for some seconds and after unfreezes and all goes back to work... This behavior can be quite irritating on some slower computers, there it takes minutes before the application unfreezes. After all, it always does. How can i debug this problem?

Did the update duplicate feed messages?

Checking here so see if anyone else experienced this with the recent update and to see if we should open a bug on it. I have two separate profiles. Thunderbird updated to 78.2.0 (32-bit, Win10) yesterday when I opened my work profile. Today when I opened my personal profile (first time since the update yesterday) many of my feeds have duplicated all the messages past a given date. Presumably, the messages downloaded much earlier that are no longer on the feed were not duplicated. Some of the feeds were not perturbed at all. I assume this is due to different feed type (e.g. Atom vs rss?). I can provide more details on the behavior of specific feeds, but that probably belongs in a bug report instead. Did anyone else experience this? Or did anyone else here weather the update who uses the Feeds feature and ''not'' experience this problem? PS: ''I've read [ this SO answer], but I do not think it is related since it was an update to *Thunderbird*, not an update to the various feeds that caused the duplication.''

Suddenly TB cannot open jpg file incoming email attachments, other types open OK.

I had specified that jpg files be opened by PIcasa Photo Viewer and all had been working well for years -- this new behavior started a few months ago. All other file types open as expected, e.g. csv is opened by Excel, pdf by Reader, ...No matter what setting I use for associating with jpg files, clicking on the attachment just stores them in my appData/Local/TEMP directory, and Picasa doesn't open the file tho it updates the contents of that folder. I first tried all the different options for jpg file types, including save file, Use Default, Always Ask, choosing another program to open jpg's, ... and all did the same thing. I then deleted the associated JPG option for incoming attachments and tried again to open it, but it still just copies the jpg to the TEMP dir, and I don't get prompted for anything. Same behavior for all when using SAFE mode too. [Note in the attached image I show the choices for JPEG, not JPG, because I just deleted the JPG action and it won't come back. Anyhow I've tried every combination, including the bottom part about where to save files to as well as the drop down list] I'm on Win 10 x64 using TB 68.10.0 (32 bit) Any ideas?

Upgraded to TB 78.0 - no colored folders under Local Folders and Composition/View Panes are dark.

Hi all - Just upgraded to TB 78 on Windows 10 x64, Build 2004. Noticed two major things: '''Issue 1 -''' All of the mail folder icons are no longer yellow. Just a stark white with a black edge. I attached an Image of the issue for review. '''Issue 2 -''' My Message Composition Pane is dark with white letters and most incoming text mail is the same. I do have some dark colors set up under PC Settings -&gt; Personalization but everything was working perfectly prior to this new release.

Thunderbird config: How do I remove buttons.

My Linux distribution recently installed a security update that included Thunderbird 78.3.1. It appears that some buttons were added to the reader window. (See attached image.) I would prefer to not have them at all. Unfortunately, using "Customize Toolbar" does not allow me to remove these buttons. They cannot be dragged off the toolbar. If these button can be removed - perhaps in the config editor - can someone tell me how? Thank you, Rob.

Thunderbird 78.4 email attachments

Cannot open email attachments by double clicking or selecting Open in attachment menu. Must save attachment then open through Finder in order to view attachment. Double click or Open menu selection worked in the past? No error message is provided, the attachment (in this case a pdf) simply does not open nor does Preview open or Acrobat Reader. Seems to have only started not working with upgrade to v78.4. Worked under previous v78.2.2 and I believe also on versions up to 78.3.3.

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