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PDF reader theme in FF 81

With FF 81, I see the PDF reader has switched to a light theme, and I don't see a way to switch back to dark theme, the way it was before. How do I do it? Thanks.

Force the built-in PDF reader to dark mode in Firefox 81 (desktop)

I would like to use a dark-themed PDF reader while keeping the default theme for the rest of Firefox's UI. I am attaching a '''modified''' screenshot of what I would like the setup to look like. What didn't help me: * ''Dark Reader'' extension - this inverts the colors of the PDF's pages, not the reader's UI * setting ''ui.systemUsesDarkTheme'' to 1 - this changes the UI theme entirely Is there a way to force the built-in PDF reader to always use dark mode? ''FF 81.0, x64, Win 8.1''

Why Firefox pdf reader can't find or copy russian symbols across file?

So, I try to migrate from Chrome. I open pdf in Chrome, select some text "альтаир" and now I have exactly "альтаир" in buffer (clipboard). Then find "альтаир". So ok, I finded all "альтаир". I open pdf in Firefox, select some text "альтаир" and there is problem with coding Î ̧Ú‡Ë . So, of course, if I write "альтаир" in find window - it will not work. WAIDW ? Thanks!

CAC Stopped working after update to version 83

Following the update to version 83, my CAC reader stopped working and I am now unable to access DOD Outlook Web Access e-mail. The error message is: ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT. This was working just moments before the upgrade. What other info can I provide to you to help you help me resolve this problem?? Thanks much. David

Bookmarked file (*.pdf) will not open with Acrobat

In the past, I have bookmarked frequently used pdf's. Retrieving the bookmark always loaded the file into acrobat. Now, however, the file is loaded into the Firefox pdf reader. If I open the pdf from windows explorer it opens into acrobat. Is there a way to go from bookmark to acrobat?

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