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Multiple Process Of Firefox Running In Task Manager

The "Use Recommended Performance Settings" was set at 4, so I lowered it to 1. I restarted and it it still showing just as many processes running. Is there anything else I can try? It really slows down Firefox for me. 10 Processes Are Running In Firefox. And Sucking So Much Of RAM. More Than 1.5 GB Of RAM Out Of 4GB Of RAM. I only have 1 tabs open right now. Fix This Issue. Firefox Needs To Work On It. Its A Major Issue. Thank You.

Angry User Training

For example, say you read a question like this: “I have tried everything your forum has suggested doing: Resetting Firefox, reinstalling it, turning off hardware acceleration. I just do not know what is causing these pop-ups!” Sympathy: “That sucks! I am glad it's not me, my pop-up is working. I tested it and it works just fine. You may have malware. ” Empathy: “If I was in your shoes I would not know what to do either. Luckily though there is a feature in Firefox that controls a list of pop-ups. If that is checked it may be something beyond Firefox, have you tried a malware scan ...”

Current update

One second I had the usual tabs below the toolbar, and the next they are at the top. MEMO to Firefox: WE ALL HATE IT. Change it back or post a normal way to fix it. I should not have to download an add-on either. I use Firefox because it doesn't require all this b.s. C'mon people. I had some hope when I saw Dave answered, but it was incomprehensible.

Firefox 93: I can't even type!

Ever since I updated, typing has become incredibly challenging... There's big delays in the words showing up, letters come out in the wrong places, & it doesn't improve even when I clear cache, clear memory, & refresh pages. I don't know what else to do. Should I delete and re-install Firefox, or replace this with the previous version?

Speedtest very slow in FF, fast in native app and safe mode, other browsers faster?

On the native Ookla app for win10, I see the 960mbps. Same in Edge and Chrome. But FF is always slow. I have tried other sites as well. Is FF simply slower than everyone else, or is there a setting I need to adjust? Please help, or should I just switch to another browser? Thanks

Firefox 91.0 ==> UI issues with appearance of fields, buttons

Updated to Firefox 91.0 (MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra) ==> UI issues with fields showing no color, inappropriate color, window transparent/skeletal appearance where under-window is visible / inability to use selection buttons. Normally I could solve this by deselecting graphics acceleration but in 91.0 FFx this doesn't solve the problem. ''' If FFx Team Members are reading''': Please fix, thanks.

Firefox slowing down my entire system

HI, it's a problem that's been around for years, yet i never got an appropriate answer, so i'm asking here: The longer i keep Firefox running, the slower my whole system gets and the slower firefox itself gets - up to a point (generally like about 10 hours or so) where everything becomes so slow, i have to manually shut down Firefox via the Task Manager. All that seems to be independent from the fact whether i actually do something in Firefox or not. So i don't know what Firefox actually does while i'm away that kills my whole system, but i'd really like to know and i appreciate any help!!!

Firefox line spacing, and window title vertical size.

Please provide an option to revert to the smaller line spacing and the original smaller top window title vertical size. For those of us using smaller displays the new sizes in Firefox make it much less friendly, and inconsistent with other software on the same PC. Thanks!

Laptop Slowdown - Task Manager Shows Almost 100% Memory Usage

Hello - first I just want to acknowledge how great it is to have a free browser, and the great work the (un-or underpaid) Mozilla team has done lo these many years - thank you. Okay, just want to put this out there but it seems sometime after version 90 of my Firefox browser I am seeing extreme slowdowns on my underwhelming Dell 5520 Inspiron laptop, circa 2014, running Windows 8.1. I also have Malwarebytes and Avast Premium Antivirus running together. My last Windows update was about two weeks ago (11 Nov 2021). My Firefox browser is currently 94.0.2.

Firefox crashes because low free left RAM!

I have many tabs like 200-300. Firefox crashed today. I also have 4GB page file on top of that. Strange! After I restarted Firefox it was using only 6.8GB RAM. Perhaps memory leak. BTW if I have browser.cache.disk.enable set to false. Is page file still used? Thanks for help.

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