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Run Firefox on ChromeOS

This page explains how to install Firefox on Chromebooks and other devices running ChromeOS.

Will this work on Chromebook?

The VPN I currently use on my Chromebook becomes painfully slow multiple times a day. Will Mozilla's VPN work on Chromebooks?

firefox on chromebook

I'm trying to install Firefox on a Chromebook

Thunderbird on Chromebook

Hi, I have been using Thunderbird on my Windows notebook for years. Now I also have a Chromebook and I don’t know how to use Thunderbird on it. Is there a solution for this?

Firefox on Chromebook

Firefox on Chromebook installed Firefox on my Chromebook some time ago. By default it seemed to save username when logging in to a website and would also ask if I wanted to save the password. I would always answer no to saving the password. I wasn't using my Chromebook much so I ignored this behavior and then weeks later I finally went to settings, login and passwords, and for each section, this is what I entered for settings: -Save logins and passwords, changed to "never save" -Autofill, turned "Autofill" slider to left (off) -Sync, (I don't use sync) -Saved logins, this was empty -Exceptions, this had entries of websites where I had said no to saving passwords the problem is that it seems to remember the email address' that I've used in the past for usernames.

Use One Profile from Windows and Chromebook?

I'm trying to transition from a Windows laptop to a Chromebook. If I move my Thunderbird profile to my Google Drive and have that mirrored on the Windows laptop, can I switch between using Thunderbird between the Windows and Chromebook machines, as long as I'm only logged into one of them at a time, of course? Thanks in advance for any help. I'm assuming there's a Chromebook app for Thunderbird, correct me if wrong.

Firefox Screen Flashes Black on Chromebook

I have an HP Chromebook that is up to date. Recently Firefox flashes black for a second then comes back. It does this continously while I type or scroll on websites making it very difficult to use. I have searched and found that on Chromebooks, Firefox does not have a Safe or Troubleshoot mode. Firefox does not do this on my Android tablet (Samsung) or Android phone (S21+) just on the Chromebook. It started maybe 2 weeks ago (today is 09/05/21). The troubleshooting issues I've seen with flashing black screens apply to Windows, etc, and not to Chromebooks or Android in general.

Where is my firefox browser on Chromebook

Hi, I installed Firefox om my Chromebook. Switched everything (websites and other tools) that are necessary to my Firefox browser. The next day I open my Chromebook and see no possibility to log on to the Firefox browser again. It seems that all the work I have done is lost. Is that so or can I go back to what I did before. Great to hear. Winny

Opening attachments on Thunderbird on Linex on Chromebook

Hello everyone. I installed Thunderbird (Linex) on my wife's Chromebook. She cannot open any pdf attachments directly like I can in Thunderbird on my Windows PC. I assume I have to install a Linex PDF reader? Or is it much more complicated, as I suspect. Regards Pete Smith Dover, UK. PS. Any chance of a dedicated Thunderbird for Chromebook OS soon ?

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