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Links in app-mode pages won't work/open (browser.ssb.enabled = true)

I have enabled app-mode (site-specific browser more) because I'm trying to switch from Chrome to Firefox, and Chrome supports that. Unfortunately, it seems that links in pages opened in app-mode won't work: when clicked, they do nothing at all (example: from a SSB page open on Gmail). I restarted Firefox in safe mode, but the problem still persists.

Feature request: enable single window app mode for web apps

Support for Site Specific Browser (SSB) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has been dropped in Firefox 86 (bug 1682593), so it is no longer possible to use this feature in current Firefox releases. If browser.ssb.enabled = true is set on the about:config page in a Firefox version that supports SSB then you have "Open This Site in App Mode" in the drop-down menu that opens if you click the 3-dot "Page actions" button on the location bar. *

where "launch site specific browser" affter v89 ?

where '''launch site specific browser''' affter v89 ? before is to access need to active "browser.ssb.enabled" on about:config and then can see in '''...'''

How to open an Internet shortcut in popup window mode?

Note that if you have set browser.ssb.enabled = true, you have an "Open This Site in App Mode" item in the drop-down menu that opens if you click the 3-dot "Page actions" button on the location bar.

When is pwa coming to firefox desktop ''TyDraniu [[#answer-1309805|said]]'' Perhaps it's already there. The boolean preference   '''browser.ssb.enabled'''   is mentioned in the bug report;   just give it a try ......

access permission in single browser mode (ssb)

When using "site specific browser" with `browser.ssb.enabled` set to true, I can't access the popup permission to allow sharing camera and microphone. How can I use an app like jitsi in single window mode ?

App Mode is disabled for localhost site in firefox

I have a web based application which I want to open in a separate window in app mode. I tried updating browser.ssb.enabled to true in config. I was able to run other websites in app mode but not able to run my application using localhost.

How to install Progressive Web Apps?

This should work as well in Firefox 77 that has browser.ssb.enabled present on about:config (just tested with YouTube via Page actions menu), so no need for unstable Nightly builds. Note that there is also the --ssb command line switch as mentioned in the bug report. ---- *

Getting 3 dot button back

Hello there, I want to use the browser.ssb.enabled feature I enabled in about:config. This feature is for basically having a website as a webapp. But since in the new Firefox the 3 dot button got removed I now have no way accessing the feature. Do you know how to get the button back or is there maybe a workaround ? Thank you

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