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Turn off ad blocker

Trying to access a virtual terminal for my credit card company for running credit cards for customers and I get the message... Sorry, we can’t load Virtual Terminal. It looks like your adblocker software may be causing this issue. Please turn off your adblocker or whitelist, then refresh the page. I went in to ad ons - extensions and it is not showing any ad blocker program running. I know it is just the Firefox Browser doing it because I am able to load the site fine with other browser (Edge)

Disable Firefox Sync

Learn how to turn off Firefox Sync if you’d like to use your Firefox Account without syncing data such as, bookmarks, history and tabs.

Content blocking

"Content blocking" is a collection of privacy features in Firefox 69 and below. This became "Enhanced Tracking Protection" in Firefox 70.

disable ad block

I have an ad blocker installed which my ISP wants disabled for me to online chat. However when I go to add ons I can find no ad blocker programs listed. I remember installing an ad blocker some years back and assume it is still there working away. How do I disable something I can't see? Searched around but can't find a directory for ad block or u block. Cheers

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