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There is a small margin between the close button and the upper right corner of the screen Vol.3

Hi everyone, The problem is that in Firefox 79 for Linux, there is is a small margin between the close button and the upper right corner of the screen, that prevents me from clicking the close button when I put the mouse pointer at this corner (at the end of the screen). Because of habit and also because all other windows let me click the close button like this, I would like to ask if there is an option or a particular about:config entry in order to eliminate this margin, so that the clickable area of the close button expands to the upper right corner (end border of the screen) and regain the functionality that I have with all other windows.

Weird Firefox pop up messages in upper right hand corner

Ever since Firefox updated to 70.0 I get these random pop up messages on the right hand corner. They come and go within a few seconds and slides off the screen. Most of them say how my anti virus is going to expire but I don't have anti virus or need it on a MAC. How do I get rid of them?

"options" in drop down from upper-right 3 bar menu - windows 10

Many directions to fix problems direct you to click the 3 bars in the upper corner and select "options". This is not there, there is nothing to select called "options". Why isn't it there? Is it called something else now? Is it somewhere else now? Is it something I need to add to that menu? Please help, it's making it impossible to enact fixes, since I can't complete the very first step!

Minimize and Restore Icons Missing

I am trying to minimize Firefox, but the minimize icon in the upper right-hand corner is missing. I am still able to close Firefox using the 'X' in the upper right corner of the window, but I am unable to minimize or restore. All other applications still have these icons available.

minimize, restore down and close are missing 91.2.0

in the upper right-hand corner, the minimize, restore down and close symbols are not visible. The functions appear to be there but the graphics are missing. Also, I have the 32-bit version yet I'm running 64-bit OS.

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