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Javascript Loading problem

when i load website it says Javascript failed to load. when i open it on other browser on same computer it works fine.. i have enable javascript in browser.. i have updated firefox i have reseted firefox. so when i click on any button which triggers javascript function does not work...

web pages

Important : Enable JavaScript on your browser / Use Mozilla Firefox 6.0 or above''' * What does it mean to be important? * What is version of my mozilla firefox browser ?

how do I add java for skype in firefox version 55

When I start Skype on my desktop (win7 pro 64bit) I get the message "Your browser is currently set to block JavaScript. You need to allow JavaScript to use this service." It started after the update to version 55 of firefox. How do I enable java for skype as it does not show up as an item in firefox, I am using a standalone version of skype that should not go thru firefox? Thank you for any help

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