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Firefox 79 considered harmful - Android

So, I received version 79.0.5 for Android. Without disrespecting all the fine folks and hard work that went into it, I have to say "Its a mess, not remotely ready for release". I appreciate the extra tracking protection. Other "features", not so much. Is it faster? I have a slow, old device, so one would think an improvement in speed would be noticeable. It's not. It has new features. But one cannot control them. For example 1. The home screen/page has changed. Firefox has populated it with

Many pages are too wide; CTRL and + or - does not help

I finally uninstalled Chrome and put in Firefox. Haven't used it in years. On my screen most pages are "wide" -- so a horizontal scroll bar appears at the bottom of the page, and to see the very right hand side of the page, I have to scroll over. I have tried the CTRL and - but all that does is shrink the text on the page. It doesn't make everything actually fit on the page horizontally. See the uploaded images of a question I found on this topic on this forum. Even though I've shrunk the font

Emails' Attachments after Migration

Hello, I used Thunderbird to migrate my university email data. My access to my university email will no longer exist and the file space will be deleted after a deadline given by the university. This is my first migration experience, so I have some questions: 1) After the university deactivate my email account, I understand that I will be able to access my university emails through Thunderbird, but will I be able to access and download my emails’ attachments in Thunderbird , or do I need to d

FireFoxSync - FF Nightly

Hi, Can anyone tel me how I can edit the about:config from FireFox Nightly on my Andoid, so that it connects to my server? Yesterday my "old" firefox updated to the newest 79, I believe and with it override the setting to connect to my sync server. The new FF do not support inputs into the config, so I have to switch to nightly. If I follow this setup, I don't finde any entries to change Would be nice to get some advic

New change?? No longer different PDF handling for in-browser vs. Download panela

On FF v78.0.2 (Win 10/64-bit), it used to be that I could open PDF links within a website using FF's built-in PDF Viewer. However, after saving them to disk, when I opened the PDF from the Downloads panel, it would open in my preferred 3rd party app. This was desired and worked perfectly. But this seems to have changed! I either have to commit to the built-in always, or an external app always, irrespective of whether I am opening from a browser link or the download panel. This is a terrible

Too Much Information In Email Headers

Is there any way to abbreviate the Header that is shown in Thunderbird? Mine is so long that it dominates the available real estate on my display. I do not care how much information is in the Email Header I just want a means of controlling what is displayed so I can view more of the contents and less of the meta stuff. I have worked at this before but was unable to get anywhere. Robert

"block autoplay"

Why does Firefox continue their false charade of claiming to "block autoplay?" They NEVER have and still don't!

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