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Saving Old Mail Data When Migrating To Linux From Windows . . .

Today I moved from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 20.04, in part on the back of assurance got from reading this recentish thread on saving old mail data when on Windows and later re-activating it once Ubuntu was installed: Trouble is, I cannot ¨see" any sign of the old mail folders and mail accounts after following the above procedure. Of course, I can re-create the existing mail accounts and start with emp

Many page elements won't load

I refreshed my firefox a few minutes ago and the only way I can describe it now is broken. Many page elements won't load such as images on some sites, and in the example I give here, the dark theme slider on YT doesn't show up at all. when I open the sidebar, the rest of the page becomes completely white. And the page is supposed to already be in dark theme. I am using the windows version. Can anybody help with this?

How to migrate from Apple mail to Thunderbird

I've been using Thunderbird for many years in my work life. I use it every day. I'm as happy as the famous clam. I've even been a tiny contributor to Thunderbird development (statements only, no code). But since I switched from Windows to macOS ten years ago, I have been using Apple Mail for personal mail. (I don't know why.) I have finally given up on Apple Mail, after knowing for years that it simply does not work for me. (Not even Search.) I am ready to say goodbye and to migrate all my b

Unable to process the backup file

Hello I have a problem when restoring the file from one computer to another, when I want to restore it it gives this error "Unable to process the backup file". I have been looking for some program that allows me to unzip or remove the data or repair. I have consulted many forums and videos and I cannot know if the failure is irreparable or is there any way to get the information I have consulted this page but it does not finish working "F

Is it possible to set up 'word wrap' in Thunderbird Emails?

I have Thunderbird Version/Edition: 52.3.0 (32 bit). I would love to make the margins of my composed messages narrower by default, so that words automatically went on to a new line. If this IS possible to do, can anyone simply give me layperson's plain-English guidance as to how to set 'word wrap' or 'margin widths' up? An example of the 'route' I should take to set this up would be brilliant. And, if I needed to use HTML, where could I access a 'dictionary' of this, so that I could see what

How do I control page margin, with CSS, when printing a page?

I need to set custom boundaries for a document intended for printing. Currently, FF does not respond to @media print { @page { margin: 0.75in } }. Also, I need to vary margins based on media size, typically letter or A4, with margin settings appropriate to each, and I cannot find HTML/CSS that FF will respond to as desired. To be fair, I haven't found HTML/CSS that works in any browser - but that is another story!

Page change is blocked so allow button is required.

When choosing a Page change it is blocked. The "allow button" is required. It would be nicer if this was not necessary.

Cannot open FF: Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe and no current solutions working

Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe I have tried all of the solutions I can find on this forum (downloading all of the free antimalware kits and scanning for malware and allowing my firewall to make an exception for FF) but these have not worked. Strangely I also cannot open any MS Office files either. Use Avast.

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