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Mobile Accessibility Features

Learn about Firefox for android features that make the browser, content accessible to those who have low vision, no vision or limited ability to use their phone

Outlook email slow to load and open folders

Having used Firefox and Outlook (Hotmail) email for many years I now find that Firefox takes 2 to 3 mins to open Outlook and I have to open folders twice (first open always states 'retry' Have experimentd with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome (although I do not like them as browsers) and my Outlook email has no problem from these browsers. Is there a solution?

Firefox 78.0.1 Tab Crashing

After updating from 77 to 78.0.1, I've experienced a large number of tab crashes ("Gah. Your tab just crashed.") across multiple sites. No crash logs are available in about:crashes. I've tried: * Starting in safe mode * Refreshing Firefox * disabling security software (Webroot SecureAnywhere) * Disabling hardware acceleration * Making sure latest drivers and Windows updates are installed * Run Windows system file checker tool (no errors found) I use Firefox with screen reading software, so it i

I cannot override my "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" because there is no "Add Exception" link after I click on "Advanced".

I followed the instructions on the support article about this error, but I cannot override the error as it describes because after I click on "Advanced", there is no "Add Exception" link or button. This is a US government website that has worked on this laptop, on my Firefox browser, until this day. Here is the original message that comes up when I attempt to load the page: "The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefo

Print preview differs from view in PDF Viewer, why?

I have a pdf document which has an A4 page size. Viewing in the Firefox PDF Viewer works fine. But when I try to print it on A4 paper or view it in the preview I see that it is moved down and to the right. So part of the right side gets cut off (see attached image - PDFViewer top, preview bottom). So why is it moved and how can I fix it? To me it looks a bit as if the print starts at the top corner of the unwriteable area of the printer. But if the document is A4 and the paper is A4, it should

Can Firefox Save As PDF like Chrome?

Can Firefox Save As PDF like Chrome? The problem is Firefox uses Microsoft Print to PDF. This doesn't allow the document to be saved in the original size. Example: There are thousands of online retailers and their employees that have to print labels every day. Sometimes the label needs to be saved as a PDF instead of physically printing. * Microsoft Print to PDF saves it based on the default paper sizes, A4, etc. * Shipping labels are generally 4x6 * Microsoft Print to PDF will save the 4x6 l

Downloads Tab & 'Save as PDF' features removed in the Recent Firefox android Update!

Downloads Tab or option removed & "Save as PDF" also Removed in the Recent Firefox android Update! Removing Downloads option is not good by any mean, because how am i suppose to resume the paused file or a failed file due to network issue...? second point is about removing the " Save as PDF" Option where i was able to download a webpage as PDF. That was an awesome feature, which is now unavailable. So, what are you going to do about this..?

"could not open pdf file"

I get the error "could not open file" after downloading a pdf file in Firefox for Android. This happens for most, but not all, pdf files. It seems Firefox does not use the default Android pdf viewer. In chrome it works perfectly. Before this error occurred the pdf file was opened in a navigation app, useless.... I tried many things: Changing default pdf app in android Removing the navigation app. Reinstalling Firefox Installing Firefox nightly, Trying to Change the default pdf viewer in abo

what is firefox screenshot and why did it suddenly appear on my toolbar? how do I get rid of it?

an icon just appeared on the toolbar called "firefox screenshot" - I don't want it, won't use it and don't know why it's there or how it got there. How to get rid of it? I right clicked and removed it from the toolbar. Is it gone for good or do I have to worry about it showing up again? why did it suddenly appear and what is it? I have windows 7 pro on a 64-bit laptop.

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