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Firefox not downloading newspaper

A couple of weeks ago Firefox stopped downloading my daily paper. Today, I uninstalled Firefox & reinstalled it from the Google play store. It still won't d/l . The circles go around as if d/l'ing but it doesn't doit. I am using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. I prefer using the Firefox browser rather than Chrome because Firefox is faster and is my default browser. Can anyone help? Thank you.

Open with Firefox

Hi :) I have a problem with FireFox and I hope someone will be able to help me sort it out :) After the last update there is a new "feature" that is driving me insane and it's slowing me down to the point I'm ready to ditch FF. I'm talking about the "Open with Firefox" option, under "What should Firefox do with this file?". Is there any way for me to remove this "feature" from the dialog and to revert to the old "Open with..." and "Save File" list? Why is this thing there in the first place, I w

Firefox blocks me from saving images

Lately, I keep finding more and more websites that are able to prevent me from downloading their images. It seems this is becoming a huge problem now, and it's changing the entire experience of using the web. And it seems to me that Mozilla are enabling developers to do this, trying to take away people's rights. In the past, I could work around the problem (not that I should have to) by going to Tools > Page Info > Media. But even that method no longer works (eg go to - the large image in the top left is nowhere to be found in Media!) There are also sites which show PDFs that cannot be downloaded. That is just SO wrong! The ability to save any image in a web page is a basic liberty of using the web, always has been. No website should be allowed to display images that can't be downloaded, it's just wrong. It's like someone making a magazine out of special paper to stop readers tearing pages out! I've sent feedback about this through the Help menu, but no one ever listens. Does anyone here have the ability to raise this issue with Mozilla? This needs to be FOUGHT against. They are helping large corporations to slowly strip away the basic rights of the public. Saving pictures may seem like only a small detail, but it ultimately leads to a 100% premium internet where no one can keep or save anything. Mozilla is taking the internet out of the hands of the public and putting it the hands of big businesses. The issue of 'protecting copyright' is completely irrelevant. Any criminal operation determined to leech images would obviously have the ability to do this regardless. Plus, if companies don't want people to be able to download the high-res version of an image, they shouldn't put it online.


I had this problem yesterday when I started up this browser it said, "The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of Firefox's files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem.". So I read through the article and it said to restart my mac, so I did just that and pow, my bookmarks and history returned! Little did I know that the next day, (today) I'd start up Firefox and the message was there again, but this time, it got even worse. First I tried to tackle the bookmark problem, "Quit Firefox" they said, "Restart your computer." they said, "Create a new database". None of those worked, so I scrambled the internet looking for answers, all of them resolved their problems, every one else was A-ok, excluding me, and just like that, my add-ons weren't working anymore! Ad-block Plus, Dark Reader, Privacy Badger, nothing. I tried to delete Adblock first and reinstall it, because that's what their page told me to do, and I keep getting this message trying to reinstall it saying, "Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt." And little did I know that every other extension said the exact same thing. So i knew something was going on that was out of my control. And then finally, the "pièce de résistance" to my pain and suffering through out this whole hour or so, pages won't even load even though I'm connected to the internet, how perfect... Even trying to update the browser won't work, downloading a new one also goes through the same "pages not loading problem. So in conclusion, hopefully, just hopefully, you guys can help me out. I'll probably have to resort to my old laptop, (which is slow and almost unusable with how buggy that thing is.) seeing how my mac has also been running into problems these last few days as well before this conundrum. Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving! - wowok (willing to give up any second now.)

Thunderbird Light/Dark mode

It seems that Thunderbird follows the Windows 10 settings and installs Dark mode, making the emails/messages unreadable. From what I've read, the only way to correct that is to set Windows in Light mode, which is not always suitable. It would be nice if Thunderbird had it's own Light/Dark mode feature, allowing the users to select which mode they prefer. Any thoughts/suggestions on the matter?

Colored icons for folders

Dear Sirs, Is there any possibility to have the colored icons back in Thunderbird 78.x? It helped me a lot to differentiate between folders and other stuff. Now with the black and white display only, it is for me more difficult. Sincerely, Jens Wickinger

browsing history

when I close firefox I lose all browsing history, I've checked the settings and it is set to remember history, I have "advanced systemcare" installed but even after disabling it, I still have the problem, just for info i'm using Kaspersky (free version) Any Ideas where else I can look? thanks. Steve.

How to setup the audio output to 96KHz or 192Khz

Hi! Chrome based browsers (like chromium or Vivaldi) permit to obtain 96KHz or even 192KHz float 32bit audio output. Firefox stuck at float32le 48KHz. This is not sufficient for me. i have a Linux LinuxMint 20 on a STRIX Z270G audio chip @ 96KHz and headsets like Sennheiser HD650 and GRADO RS1e so able to perfectly perceive the effects of harmonics up to frequency my chip can produce (96KHz band pass). '''Question:''' Is possible in Firefox 78 for Linux to change the max frequency from 48KHz to

Horizontal or vertical green border on videos

I have the same problems as the user in this thread has: When playing videos, there's a green border in the video window, both in normal state and fullscreen. My GPU is different than the GPU reported in the other thread, so I was asked to create a new question which I hereby do. When I commented on the other thread, I was running FF version 55.0.2 and had a green border in the bottom of videos on YouTube (see first screenshot) and other vi

Printing PDF issue - Potential bug FF 82

Hello, I just recently installed FF 82 on my Mac (Catalina) and noticed a weird bug when printing PDF files. The printed page seems to have extra margins on the Top and left, so some of the info is printed off the page. My FF version is '''not''' using the new print prompt that looks like Chrome's. 1) The document size is Letter 2) Printing with Letter paper selected and scale 100%. 3) Didn't change any margins or other settings. 4) Attached is what I got from the printer. Is this a bug? Has

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