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Thunderbird 78.4 email attachments

Cannot open email attachments by double clicking or selecting Open in attachment menu. Must save attachment then open through Finder in order to view attachment. Double click or Open menu selection worked in the past? No error message is provided, the attachment (in this case a pdf) simply does not open nor does Preview open or Acrobat Reader. Seems to have only started not working with upgrade to v78.4. Worked under previous v78.2.2 and I believe also on versions up to 78.3.3.

Download link doesn't work

Hello, On my website I have a button to download my book in EPUB format. You can see it here: In the other browsers the file is downloaded, but in Mozilla it opens directly in the browser and unless you have installed in Mozilla an EPUB reader, a page with the raw file opens which does not make any sense. It's the same with the MOBI format. On the other hand, with the PDF format the PDF book opens because Mozilla can open PDF files. What I want is that it doesn't open, but that it downloads when people click on the link. Does anyone know how? Thanks

PDF download button needs Save As

I'm on Mac. When I open a PDF in Firefox I get a print button and a download button. The download button does not offer a Save As option. It simply uses the name used in the browser - often this is a number or day or some other appellation that is less useful than allowing me to rename the PDF myself. Chrome offer to rename the file before saving but I hate Chrome. Maybe I'm overlooking something?

Print ignores default for print to pdf

I have a laser printer set as default on a Windows 10 laptop. In Mozilla, when I select print, that laser printer has the green default check, but Mozilla defaults to Microsoft Print to PDF instead. How can I get Mozilla to accept the default printer without deleting Print to PDF which I do sometimes use but don't want as default? Image attached--it auto-checks PDF but you can see the laser listed above it is the default.

Recover Deleted Firefox Browsing History.

my browning history is delete how to recovery anyone help me. thank you in advance.

Create Desktop Shortcut to website without drag and drop method

How can I create a desktop shortcut to a website without using the drag and drop method? I am the teacher of a blind student who used the NVDA screenreader. Drag and drop just really isn't accessible to her. Are there other ways to create desktop shortcuts (specifically to google drive)?

Can't access about:config in new Firefox daylight update of Android

I would like to enable ESNI and bypass ISP watchdogs. So I prefer to keep ESNI on. After last update I'm not being able to access about:config. It shows an error. What's the issue here, if anybody could help I'd be much obliged. Thank you. It redirects here: resource://android/assets/low_and_medium_risk_error_pages.html?&title=Cannot+Complete+Request&button=Try+Again&description=%3Cp%3EAdditional+information+about+this+problem+or+error+is+currently+unavailable.%3C%2Fp%3E&imag

Background v78

Hello, Thunderbird just updated itself to v78 and f-d the theme I already had in black. Does anyone know How to change dark background in message composing which is clearly a mess ? Thx !

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