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CAC Stopped working after update to version 83

Following the update to version 83, my CAC reader stopped working and I am now unable to access DOD Outlook Web Access e-mail. The error message is: ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT. This was working just moments before the upgrade. What other info can I provide to you to help you help me resolve this problem?? Thanks much. David

Suddenly TB cannot open jpg file incoming email attachments, other types open OK.

I had specified that jpg files be opened by PIcasa Photo Viewer and all had been working well for years -- this new behavior started a few months ago. All other file types open as expected, e.g. csv is opened by Excel, pdf by Reader, ...No matter what setting I use for associating with jpg files, clicking on the attachment just stores them in my appData/Local/TEMP directory, and Picasa doesn't open the file tho it updates the contents of that folder. I first tried all the different options for jpg file types, including save file, Use Default, Always Ask, choosing another program to open jpg's, ... and all did the same thing. I then deleted the associated JPG option for incoming attachments and tried again to open it, but it still just copies the jpg to the TEMP dir, and I don't get prompted for anything. Same behavior for all when using SAFE mode too. [Note in the attached image I show the choices for JPEG, not JPG, because I just deleted the JPG action and it won't come back. Anyhow I've tried every combination, including the bottom part about where to save files to as well as the drop down list] I'm on Win 10 x64 using TB 68.10.0 (32 bit) Any ideas?

Bookmarked file (*.pdf) will not open with Acrobat

In the past, I have bookmarked frequently used pdf's. Retrieving the bookmark always loaded the file into acrobat. Now, however, the file is loaded into the Firefox pdf reader. If I open the pdf from windows explorer it opens into acrobat. Is there a way to go from bookmark to acrobat?

What happened to the icon in the search bar that allowed viewing in a simplified format?

There used to be an icon which resembled an open book next to the left of the refresh. It let you view a page in a simplified view, removing advertisements and pictures. You could change text size and background color for easier viewing. I used it for almost every article, especially reading news or a particular blog which had fine print. it was easy to use and quite helpful for those of us with vision problems. Enlarging the size of the page is not the fix that solves the problems of visio

Firefox viewer is cutting off pdf images

I'm viewing a PDF in Firefox viewer. It is choosing 2 specific pieces to cut off. When I switch to download and open PDF with Acrobat, everything is fine. I've tried many different things. Please help! Carl

Upgraded to TB 78.0 - no colored folders under Local Folders and Composition/View Panes are dark.

Hi all - Just upgraded to TB 78 on Windows 10 x64, Build 2004. Noticed two major things: '''Issue 1 -''' All of the mail folder icons are no longer yellow. Just a stark white with a black edge. I attached an Image of the issue for review. '''Issue 2 -''' My Message Composition Pane is dark with white letters and most incoming text mail is the same. I do have some dark colors set up under PC Settings -> Personalization but everything was working perfectly prior to this new release.

Firefox Dev Tools Accessibility

Hi there. I'm a blind web developer and I was wondering if there is some way to make the Firefox developer console more screen reader friendly. As it stands, I have no way of viewing JavaScript runtime errors or much of anything besides the element hierarchy when inspecting an element, and even this only provides very little information. I ask because there seems to be a big focus lately on testing for accessibility, but the tools to do so seem completely inaccessible themselves. I would welcome any suggestions on how to use/improve the dev tools with a screen reader (I'm using NVDA) or an add-on I can down load that would be more friendly to me. I saw a mention of one called "Firebug", but that appears to be an outdated post.

Thunderbird config: How do I remove buttons.

My Linux distribution recently installed a security update that included Thunderbird 78.3.1. It appears that some buttons were added to the reader window. (See attached image.) I would prefer to not have them at all. Unfortunately, using "Customize Toolbar" does not allow me to remove these buttons. They cannot be dragged off the toolbar. If these button can be removed - perhaps in the config editor - can someone tell me how? Thank you, Rob.

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