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RSS feed, HTML link in "from" field

Hello, I just subscribed to some arXiv RSS feeds ( They are using HTML links in the "from" fields (which correspond to the authors). For instance, "<a href="">Nagi Khalil</a>" instead of "Nagi Khalil". It looks like Thunderbird doesn't interpret the HTML links and do not remove them either. The "from" field is thus unreadable for a human being (see image). I would like either to have the link or to get rid of the HTML tags. How can it be done? Best, A. PS: Thunderbird 78.3.1 on Debian 10.6

Force the built-in PDF reader to dark mode in Firefox 81 (desktop)

I would like to use a dark-themed PDF reader while keeping the default theme for the rest of Firefox's UI. I am attaching a '''modified''' screenshot of what I would like the setup to look like. What didn't help me: * ''Dark Reader'' extension - this inverts the colors of the PDF's pages, not the reader's UI * setting ''ui.systemUsesDarkTheme'' to 1 - this changes the UI theme entirely Is there a way to force the built-in PDF reader to always use dark mode? ''FF 81.0, x64, Win 8.1''

thunderbird freezes on large mailboxes

I'm working with Thunderbird since it was still NetscapeMail. I see myself as an ambassador for your software as I install/recommend it on a lot of clients/friends their computers. Now some of these clients (the ones with a lot of big mailboxes) often complain about Thunderbird freezing when getting new mail. I can confirm this behavior on my main computer (running Win10x64 and 6 mailboxes and lots of rss feeds). The freezing is happening when new mails come in and the spam controls do their thing... Thunderbird freezes for some seconds and after unfreezes and all goes back to work... This behavior can be quite irritating on some slower computers, there it takes minutes before the application unfreezes. After all, it always does. How can i debug this problem?

Did the update duplicate feed messages?

Checking here so see if anyone else experienced this with the recent update and to see if we should open a bug on it. I have two separate profiles. Thunderbird updated to 78.2.0 (32-bit, Win10) yesterday when I opened my work profile. Today when I opened my personal profile (first time since the update yesterday) many of my feeds have duplicated all the messages past a given date. Presumably, the messages downloaded much earlier that are no longer on the feed were not duplicated. Some of the feeds were not perturbed at all. I assume this is due to different feed type (e.g. Atom vs rss?). I can provide more details on the behavior of specific feeds, but that probably belongs in a bug report instead. Did anyone else experience this? Or did anyone else here weather the update who uses the Feeds feature and ''not'' experience this problem? PS: ''I've read [ this SO answer], but I do not think it is related since it was an update to *Thunderbird*, not an update to the various feeds that caused the duplication.''

How can I get certain Mozilla/Firefox sites and pages to respond to Dark Mode settings to accommdate my disability?

I really admire the Firefox browser for its many innovative and adaptive functions and applications that one can customize to their needs without sacrificing security and privacy. The one that I find extremely helpful the most is Dark Reader. As an individual who faces neurophysiological challenges from a traumatic brain injury from many years ago, Dark Reader has enabled me to enjoy working and reading on the internet without having to limit myself or wear super-dark lenses due to sensitivity. The app has worked for most other sites except this support site on the Firefox browser. Because I have to use Chrome for my job, I have tested your support page there with the same app and it seems to work there. Is there something that I am missing?

Why Firefox pdf reader can't find or copy russian symbols across file?

So, I try to migrate from Chrome. I open pdf in Chrome, select some text "альтаир" and now I have exactly "альтаир" in buffer (clipboard). Then find "альтаир". So ok, I finded all "альтаир". I open pdf in Firefox, select some text "альтаир" and there is problem with coding Î ̧Ú‡Ë . So, of course, if I write "альтаир" in find window - it will not work. WAIDW ? Thanks!

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