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View web pages in Reader View

Reader View in Firefox for iOS strips off distracting elements, like images and navigation links, from web pages so you can focus on the content.

"not resopnding" caused by RSS feed checks [was why does this suck SO bad?]

I like the bit about "our volunteers are Mozilla users just like you"... because the people actually responsible to taking a once great program and making it worse... and worse... and worse... can't be bothered. They are, presumably, too busy [language redacted] things up. What's the problem? Well, it freezes up and never recovers if I DO something. Alternatively, it freezes up and never recovers if I start it, and never do anything at all. Brilliant.

PDF reader theme in FF 81

With FF 81, I see the PDF reader has switched to a light theme, and I don't see a way to switch back to dark theme, the way it was before. How do I do it? Thanks.

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