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View web pages in Reader View

Reader View in Firefox for iOS strips off distracting elements, like images and navigation links, from web pages so you can focus on the content.

RSS Feed - downlaoding images / security

I decided to try the RSS feed comparing it to the brand X web reader I already use. For the most part each feed will show images the same as my brand X. There is one feed in particular that shows no images - just a brief summary of the the article and the link up above in the header whihc takes me to the website article. The web reader has a full pic for this thread not sure why this particular feed doesn't show images in TB. The question has to do with nearly all my feeds that have pics showing in the right side reading pane where the article shows up. Under view I have => Display Attachments inline. Any emails I receive with images are blocked and I need to manually chose => Show Remote Content I understand this doesn't have anything to do with inline image and is for security. Therefore since images are appearing in the RSS feeds I assume they are not remote content but are embedded images otherwise they would be blocked? If I disable EDIT: => Display Attachments - the images in the RSS feed are no longer visible. I question if there is a security risk to be showing the inline images. Going back to the web reader there is an option to => Securely tunnel images thru brand X proxy - therefore the images that automatically show up are being downloaded from brand X back end server and my web browser retrieves them from brand X server not the RSS sender supposedly preventing any personal data from being sent back to RSS sender. If downloading inline images are a security / privacy risk why are they not blocked by default in TB like the remote content? I am computer illiterate to a certain extent though I have every possible privacy add-on and about:config modification done to firefox and a few adjustment to the config editor in TB as well to limit exposure. Are the inline images a prviacy threat? (not even getting into malware or viruses yet.)

Foxit Reader as printer

I just deleted my cache / history, and for some reason this also took Foxit Reader out of my printer options. How do I get it back in? I Tried using "Find Printer", but it would not except an .exe as a printer. I first put Foxit in so long ago, I have no memory of how I did it. I print to pdf most of the time when saving a receipt, etc. and would rather use Foxit than ms. Thanks

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