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How do I get rid of from Firefox on my Mac? if I don't get a resolution soon I am switching to Safari.

deleted most of but opening page says it can't find file for the ads

Foolishly and unsuspectingly downloaded malware Eliminated it in programs and features. Ads still appeared on opening page with captive search engine. Deleted a hidden file and search engine option is back., however, still controls first page. Prompt says 'file can't be found'. I keep choosing blank page in Firefox but residual file somewhere still controls the page. Thanks for your help, anyone.

Home page is trying to find a file that doesn't exist

I had the damn Snapdo thing on my computer, and after three hours of wrestling with it I found the file it had put on my computer that it was using to load a different home page. I deleted the file, but Firefox still tries to look for the file. Really what the question is is something has hijacked the homepage of my Firefox. I've tried going into Properties and looking at the 'Target' ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe") and it looks fine as far as I can tell. but it's still

Firefox can only load HTTPS:/ sites

I recently found kikblaster,, and several other malware plugins on my computer, and after getting rid of them, firefox will not load any site that isn't HTTPS secured

Firefox startsup in file:///C:/ProgramData/ToolGets/

Whenever I start firefox, it startups oddly and the following address shows in the address bar: file:///C:/ProgramData/ToolGets/ I know it was a snapdo virus. However, I already uninstalled it from my PC, AND reset Firefox settings to default, but this problem still persists. What can I do to solve it? Thanks

can't remove please help

I have tried to remove using all the suggested ways, but it keeps coming back. How do I permanently remove it please? thanks

How do I eliminate from Firefox

Getting rid of this damned is driving me up a wall. Sure hope someone can help. I've run Regedit and eliminated one instance of I've deleted the or snapdo cookies from Firefox many times but the cookies keep coming back. My patience is about to explode. Sure hope there is help out there in the community. Many thanks.

My Firefox 33 installation is being plaqued by a malicious website - how do I get rid of it?

I have the current version of Firefox installed on my new laptop. Earlier this week, I tried downloading and installing a free font from what looked like an excellent source for fonts. However, instead of the font I was wanting to install, all I got was a mess of proograms that I did not want, and had no use for. One of them,, a Google-clone search site inserted itself into Firefox and began restoring all settings to their defaults. (I have taken care of that.) Even after uninstalling all of the programs and running both an anti virus scan, an anti malware scan, and even after cleaning up my hard drive with CCleaner and rebooting, two problems remain. First, on every new web page (even within the same websites) up to four or five blank "Ad by SmartChoices|Close" lines appear, usually scattered through the web page. These must be closed out before page navigation becomes fully functional. Second, on some websites when I move from one sheet within a website to another, while the new page is loading, the download is redirected to a different website I absolutely have no interest in, and do not want showing up in my history. I have checked, and these problems do not show up on Internet Explorer, so it looks like it is just Firefox that is plagued. Thus I have two questions: what is the best way to get rid of these problems? Second, how do I report a malicious website that clearly needs to be blocked? Note: your educated guesses about my current browser & os are spot on. However, what does 5.1.30514.0 refer to?

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