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W/ Google searching, cmptr froze w/ Mozila Err Cd 03213210x508 w/msg, "Windows Security Alert, Your System is Infected" w/Adroit Rescue number to call.

Received Error Message Windows Security Alert, Your System is infected, call 1-866-943-1223, which connected to Adroit Rescue. I could not get out of the message window or do anything else with the computer so called the number. Adroit agreed to help for a charge of about $200 which included 1 year of service and 3 years of security coverage. Should I have agreed to this? Although other messages warned me not to restart the computer because it would be damaged (did not record all the text, and m

What do we do about the FBI/Backdoors?

It seems Mozilla can do nothing, correct? Who can help us, who do I have to give money to? Who is working on these problems? Really though, who or "what group"? Does it ever end? Since the public was informed and facts solidified for many a few years ago - things have only gotten worse. What good is supporting Mozilla? Had they or had they not done the results would remain the same - nothing. Am I the only one who cares? That is fine, what should I do?

How to delete the Authentication Required popup that has frozen Firefox?

The popup requires that I call an 888 #. They answer with reference to another computer company... (I have an Apple) and then request money to solve the fact that my Firefox is frozen. Security Error 0x00759B comes up when I pressed and held the Firefox icon. Please help me either delete Firefox from my computer or get rid of this invasion "Your Apple computer has been blocked. Your system is infected. CALL Apple 1-888-522-0465 (toll free)"


Fire Fox is loaded. A pop up screen with an error message saying that there is a problem and I must call a phone number. I can not exit out of this window unless I restart the computer. in the address field, there is this address, "NEXUSADSDADDYCITRUSFIRE .CO.UK/WINDOWS_FAILURE/FIREFOX/INDEX.PHP" I have uninstalled Fire Fox and reinstalled Fire Fox and the same happens. Thanks

Message presenting itself as from Microsoft locking system & demanding info. Coming from " "error 0x00759. Authentic????

Got this message that my computer security was being attacked. Message looked like it was coming from Microsoft. It asked for sign on info, and wouldn't allow me to exit in any way other than shutting the computer down via the hard "off" switch. Couldn't navigate to normal shut down process. It indicated "Security error 0x00759B". I looked at log later. Message seems to have come from Was this a fishing expedition? It had scary control over my options! I scanned th

Where do I report this page?

Page defeats controls except CTRL/ALT/DEL Audio message in male voice claims to be Microsoft speaking , tells you your computer is infected and threatens to block your computer if you try to close the page or don't call the number provided. I'm not worried about my computer but clearly this will fluster many. http:// proton56

Firefox is stuck on a page that literally screams about an invasion of my computer and I must click on a button to get help from microsoft

I got a message saying my security is at risk and I need to contact Microsoft immediately. I am virtually certain that this is a fake because the screen is very low res and the voice message is very poor, grammatically speaking. The problem is that it won't go away. Pressing cancel does no good. It just keeps coming back. The cloe button in the upper right corner doesn't work either. The only way to close it is to go to Task Manager and end task, but then when I open firefox again it's s

Pop up scams wont let me close them

Some scams sites are open and won't let me close the window or tab, because they open a box saying: A username and password are being requested by(site). As soon as i get it again i will take picture and update the post

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