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I got Hacked

I opened Firefox to day to receive a page pop up that said it was Microsoft, had Microsoft banners, and my info. It said that my microsoft account had been hacked and that I needed to call the number on the screen immediately. I tried to close it down, and I was unable to. I finally shut it down through my task manager. When I opened the browser back up, it was still there. I went to my credit card co. and checked my cards, and came back about 20 minutes later and it was gone. I went into my

What do I do when I get error messsage Error #268D3 in my Firefox browser? It states my computer has been blocked and to call a toll free number for help.

It appears to be a Microsoft windows support message that states my computer has been blocked, and my computer notified them that it has a virus and spyware on my computer. and to call a toll free number for help. If I close the window, it claimes my computer access will be disabled and to call a toll free number to get help. I am pretty sure this is some sort of scam, but is there anything I need to do to get rid of it? In addition to the pop up message, there is constant audio basicall

How do I stop the dozens of trojan emails I'm receiving everyday?

I started receiving emails out of the blue that I'm certain contain ransomware. They all have attachments and they all say something like, "your payment was declined" or "job offering attached" or "refund information on your last purchase attached"... I have one that claims to be from the FBI requesting help... How do I block this stuff? Why am I receiving it? It all started recently...

Ensuring safety after "Critical Alert" popup scam.

I ran into one of these scams, and used the task manager to close Firefox (I do use adblocker). I did a quick virus scan using MalwareBytes and Microsoft Security Center, both of which came up negative. I reopened Firefox and the popup return, so I closed it again and waited for the session to clear. After fifteen or so minutes I opened Firefox again, got a fresh session and Refreshed Firefox. I have reinstalled adblocker and I scanned for viruses again and still found nothing. Is this an indic

How to get a hacker from blocking my accounts

I have had hackers (I presume a team of hackers, because they are there any time of the day) who usually tried to sabotage my work as translator for the Courts and people's documents. It is clearly meant to cause financial damage. It involves not only blocking mail, but also "editing" what I write and is, thus, more than a prank, but criminal. The latest, just these two days, is a complete cut off from my accounts, disabling passwords, one after the other. I mean: It must be possible for Mozilla

Fake anti-virus pop up

Hi i was just browsing the internet and out of no where i got a big, red pop up saying virus has been found and cannot be blocked etc and some woman's voice saying stuff and infront of that a white pop up window with 'username' then below that 'password' i tried closing the tab but nothing would happen so i tried closing the login window thing with the 'x' and 'close' button but the login box just kept bouncing back. i eventually task manager and closed the whole firefox program/window with end

I clicked on something and was then locked by Said to call a # or lose all info. Unplugged internet and shut do

My computer was partially frozen. I quickly unplugged the internet as something was downloading. I then tried to close Firefox and had to go into Ctrl-Alt-Del and close it. I ran AVG and it showed nothing. I reopened FF and it was right there as the opening page! I turned off the computer and restarted. I opened FF again and it was gone! Thank goodness. Any ideas about the webpage?

Security Question-- How to prevent clear-layer screen traps inserted by malware?

While browsing a familiar website named "", "wunderground" or "intellicast" (all owned by the same corporation), I frequently get false notices to update Firefox or Adobe Flash. The same false notices have appeared on other websites, as well, but not as often. The false update notice problem is at least one year old, and well-known, but now the same malware uses a new technique to trick unwary users into clicking on its button(s). The new trick inserts a top-most "clear" layer (a p

I can't log in to a microsoft update site and get a warning message.

My printer was configured the other day and it wasn't me. The way of gaining access was through the lrpc which is remote procedure account. I have been being hacked to the point where they have access to my computer as much as I do or even more with the ability to lock me out of programs and even the internet. So I was informed lrpc has a security issue and told me to go to a microsoft account to get an update. I know this site is legit yet I get an error message that it can't connect to site to secure this vulnerability. The hacking I have no idea what to do about but what could be causing an error message to a legit site from mozilla? Any ideas on how to deal with a hacker who has the ability to shut down my windows firewall and make it so I can't access the settings to turn it back on? The hacking is brushed off by everyone as malware but I have seen things done to my computer that I had no idea a hacker could even do. I even have reason to believe they are downstairs neighbors but I can't prove anything and the police do not seem to be able to help. They say they will do their best but they don't even know when another hacking problem happens. Is there anyway to stop this? The FBI or Microsoft itself. The hacking seems to be malicious attempts and doesn't seem to have an objective of any kind.

Is there a way to report the scammer responsible for the phony Firefox update redirect?

As was pointed out to me, the phony update download domain changes on a daily basis. This time the phony site was IERAIDREAMLAND.ORG I immediately went to the ICANN whois page and looked it up -- this phony update page was created by the EXACT SAME individual that did the last one ( that popped up. When I looked yesterday, the record came up. Today ICANN Whois says it doesn't exist. However, I saved the page from that whois lookup, and from today's phony

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