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Looks like I've had a hack of firefox on my Mac. WHat do I do to get firefox back as a browser?

A box pops on when I try to login to a page that says it wants verification of authorization needing my user and password. I called the number given as Charter communications help desk. It was not. I called the actual Charter tech help and they said to ask Firefox if you all can help. Can you or should I go on to call Apple support? NL

How do you open the menu in Firefox?

The Firefox browser opens on a page that says During your last scan, we found some infections that have caused changes on your system, which may need to be manually altered. The first step is to Click the “Open menu” button and choose "Options." Then On the "General" tab under "Startup," use one of the buttons or manually change the URL in the "Home Page" field. My problem is that I cannot find where the "open menu" button is, I've tried the file, edit, view, history, bookmarks and tools menu an

When googling I clicked on url, it said I visited some site today & it caused virus but not mentioned which site

when doing a google search today, I clicked on alink to open in a new tab and it said VIRUS FOUND with a pop-up message on screen that I visited some site today and it caused the virus but did not mention which site I visited that caused a virus. I want to know if its real or a scam. I use macbook pro and browse in private mode to block tracking attempts. I want to know whether my macbook pro is infected with a virus, malware etc. Thanks.

Stop firefox from reopening a page

Sometimes I have to close a page because it is a virus or it wants information that I do not want to give or it may even be having issues and I use the Task Manager to stop Firefox then Firefox will try and reopen that page again and again until I get the apology page. How do I disable this function? Windows 10

Urgent Fire Fox Update Notice

I keep getting a screen popping up that says "Urgent Firefox Update". My protection software is blocking it, saying it's a Trojan. When I go to Mozilla, it says my Firefox is up to date. Is there an Urget Update or not?

I want to stop wepsites from opening another web page

Some times when I click on item in the pirate bay another browser opens saying "Microsoft security alert, Trojans are sending your credit card and Facebook details Etc." I know this is a fake scam and I have to go into Task manager to end this annoying pop up. What can i do to stop it being able to open in the first place. Am running Windows 7, Norton's Internet Security (fully updated). Hope someone can help me stop this annoying thing.

"do not allow this page to create additional dialogs" does not prompt, causing me to be trapped by malicious sites.

I will occasionally be redirected to malicious sites that great dialogs in an endless loop, trapping me on the page and not allowing me to close that tab or window without using task manager to kill firefox as a whole, which can lose me any work I was doing at the time. I have seen firefox give the prompt to stop the site from producing additional dialogs in previous versions, and from my searches all the other complaints are that this function is too invasive for others. However for me it doesn

Spam pop-ups keep popping. Today popped up

Have updated Firefox and always make sure I have downloaded the recent version but keep getting spam pop-ups which is absolutely ridiculous. I could be reading an email OR an article and the spam pop-ups will bring the red screen and ask me to download. I always have to pay extra attention that I don't "download" and allow POS spammers to take over my life. Amazing Firefox is not aware of these spam pop-ups OR just don't care !!!!! Today's spam pop-up: firefox-pahl.js - https//

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