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unable to use firefox

every time i go on the net i get this Por favor, añada la ultima actualización de Firefox.Please add the latest Firefox update. but you can't do anything.

Red screen locking Firefox saying Firefox_Critical_Error

I am getting a solid red screen with screeching sound saying a web site is trying to do something to my computer and that it's a FIREFOX CRITICAL ERROR and I need to call help desk. The only way I have found to close the window is to open Task Manager and close Firefox. Sometimes after rebooting the page will go away for a period of time but it always comes back. HELP! How do I get rid of this monster? The Windows 10 Virus scanner won't clear it and neither will Malwarebytes malware scanner. T

How can I stop phony Foxfire Alerts?

My wife's computer has Foxfire on it. At least once per day and often much, much more, her screen begins flashing bright red and an earsplitting klaxon begins to sound. A warning states that there has been a dangerous attempt to access confidential information. It is obviously bogus because it specifically instructs her to NOT call a help center but ONLY to call the number on the screen for help. It also asked for her username and password. The only way to stop the alert and unfreeze t

Error message received which is a potential Trojan

I received the following error message on my child's laptop. It looked suspicious to me so I depressed 'cancel' when it asked for information. It would not permit me to bypass this step and the computer began to make loud 'horn like' noises. I shutdown the laptop and when I tried to turn it back on the message was still there without the ability to 'cancel'. I immediately shut down again as I noticed in the bottom left corner it said information was being transferred. Please advise how I sho

Deceptive site keeps opening a tab on my browser telling me my computer has a virus. How can I block the site?

There's this deceptive site that suddenly opens a tab on my browser... a pop up message appears telling me that my computer is infected by a virus and that I have to contact a certain number and it won't allow me to close the tab or the browser . I have to shutdown the computer each time. I then restart and open a private browsing window and delete the history. It works temporarily. But every few weeks or days, it comes up again and has become so annoying. Is there a way to block it from Firefox

How can we fix this error?

Firefox has been locked out by a "Mozilla Firefox Critical ERROR,Http://3-333x000000x0 "FIREFOX_CRITICAL_ERROR_0XKB1820120_CALL_HELP_DESK. How can we fix this?

Bogus critical error popup - why can't I close the window? Technical

Using firefox, we have all experienced the application modal popup declaring the end of the world, your bank, and all of your information, if you don't call this 877 number and pay $$, etc. I know this is bogus, and most of it is injected from ad servers. I can be on a legitimate site and get nailed. What I do not understand is this only occurs on firefox. It never happens when I'm using chrome or IE/Edge. This leads me to believe that there is a weakness in firefox of some type. Comments

What should I do about ?

I have been currently receiving threating emails from people that I do not know and today 06/22/2017 I received in my gmail email two emails sent saying that my password was reset using the email address I do not know who or what that is I am glad that it went to my spam folder just like the threating emails that I have been receiving I do not open them but I have moved them to a new folder in case I can find out how to prosecuite who ever it is and get this stopped PLEASE

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