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Stop firefox from showing confirm messages

So I was surfing the web when a page redirected me to malware site. Generally when this happens I just block the site with uBlock and uMatrix, and be on my marry way. But this page made the entire Firefox window unusable, because the site was constantly sending me a confirmation windows. I would have thought Firefox would block those kind of scamming attempt. But I guess not. So now I am forced to close the Firefox window as I can't click anywhere else. If I press cancel the window just show u

Where is the page refresh icon?

I use IE at work and Firefox at home. I still have a refresh web page icon on IE at work but seem to be missing it on Firefox at home. Sorry if I'm not recalling things properly with regard to Firefox, but I thought there used to be a Firefox page refresh icon on the right side of the URL address window/bar? Since Firefox updated to 57.0 I only see 'show history,' 'page actions,' 'save to pocket,' and 'bookmark this page.' Tried the View menu, options, and customize without success. Am I not re

I am Subhasis Modak Despite same place staying I face problems by criminal everyday despite I am data association International but till date criminal insult

Dear Respectively another important I am hey now staying at India same place Singur but my others social network and my age Group total never watch ordinary public despite I am troubled same criminal because they are Insulting me so if any part of bloody Indian criminal mail you trying to your attention must identified terrorist and inform FBI because presently total observe criminal activity I information despite troubled but they are old criminal hand so long I am not watch they are face but criminal trying to dustrub attention all feedback place .

Going to get rid of firefox if this doesnt stop

I keep getting a red web page on firefox screaming a siren at me , flashing with writing saying "critical error" It happens totally random and doesn't seem specific to a particular web page (and no its not while hunting down porn). i have to run task manager, end firefox, uninstall firefox and remove every piece of firefox from my machine, run malware, remove said maleware, reboot machine, reinstall firefox.. and ""if" i am lucky and firefox doesn't open in the pages it shut down in (which co

Tab with spam open after start Firefox as they saying congratulation.....

Tab with spam open after start Firefox as they saying congratulation you are a winner of this and that and became annoying ... this wasn't before and I hope you do some thing with it or at least let us know why I got that .

using Quick Filter to type in a Sender's name, how to export just those emails to eml

the FBI has invited me to provide emails to them from a party they are investigating who send me emails a few years ago. If I type in that person's name into Quick Filter, only their emails are listed. Now I want this list and ONLY THIS LIST of emails to be exported. How do I do this?

Problem: Firefox Firefox vers 53.0.3 (64-bit) will NOT open "Comment Button" on any and all pages from, but other browsers will.

Firefox vers 53.0.3 (64-bit) OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Computer: VAIO Model SVF14N13CXB. 8GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Intel CPU i5-4200U. Problem: Firefox Firefox vers 53.0.3 (64-bit) will NOT open "Comment Button" on any and all pages from, but other browsers will. Efforts taken to resolve the problem: Disable AdBlocker, and update everything. Notes: Firefox WILL open comments on all other known sites that use Disqus, Facebook, OutBrain, etc. Internet Explorer (IE) will open all comments, but Firefox will not. Remedy: It's respectfully believed that the Java used by is foreign to Firefox vers 53.0.3 (64-bit) architecture causing the failure of opening the "Comment Button" on said site. Example of politico page where Firefox will not open the "Comments Button:"

wrong web site opens in new browser

After receiving a scam windows tech support screen in my browser, I choose to "end task" and open a new browser. Sometimes the same scam window will reappear as a new tab instead of my default home page. How do I prevent the scam window from reopening? I'm using version 57.0b9 (64 bit)

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