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remove malicious bookmark from sync

Problem: clicked a link in an email, loaded a webpage which can't be closed - as it just re-opens, and I'm prevented from accessing preferences (by the page reloading in rapid succession) to untick the 'restore previous session' box, hence after restarting FF the malicious page keeps popping up. Eventually in the profile folder found & renamed the three 'sessionstore-backups' files then disabled sync on the other computers to prevent the bookmark spreading. NEEDED : a way to delete the s

Why haven't you blocked the micrsoft virus scan yet

when browsing through adult sites some links go to the MS virus scan page which stops you doing anything to close the window. To stop it you go to the Task manager and end firefox. this means you have killed all the windows open even if they are not affected. Surely in this day and age you can recognise it and block it? It does not lock up the computer only the window it is on but there are a lot of people that will not know how to get past it so I would really like you to look into this for us

I am Terry Gillis of 4675 Sengen trace Johns Creek Ga. besieged by human trafficker mafia of corrupt U.S. Marshals raped for forty-seven years. help!!

I cannot explain everything in the amount of space I have here but, I am Terry Gillis the victim of a very large family of deranged apparently U.S. Marshals involved in running a fairly huge human trafficking ring with other mafia and a large blood related family spread out over several states with key members holding positions of power in several law enforcement agents as well as local services including the post office, phone service, and UPS delivery drivers. In short a obsessed mafia family of child molesters/ human traffickers has surrounded my family and has basically taken control of our lives using the authority figures and using muti-state stalking lies and over one hundred whether blood related or just child molesters and thugs im not sure but have stalked us for over fourteen years and in total over forty seven years, meanwhile using their positions of power as early as 1996 beginning to falsify documents to destroy my honor including very recently and continuing to make us victims of crimes against us while claiming we instigated the contact/ activities meanwhile using plain outright mafia tactics so we could not defend ourselves nor hire legitimate lawyers much less have a way or right to defend ourselves (claiming to be police while cutting a person sized hole into the closet floor of a rented mobile home and entering while me and my family were sleeping, entering on several different occasions) unfortunately, driving what appeared to be a police car to get away. Also me being drugged and sexually assaulted so very many times in U.S. marshals custody in 2010 while falsified charges were keeping me in a jail situation while I was being sexually assaulted then to explain, a demented psycho has for most of my life been raping me (as I am male and homosexuality has always been since childhood against my religion) and mike albrightion and his family has been involved in the rape of several people over forty years and have drugged and kidnapped me and forced me to witness a lot of crimes while using me as a scapegoat at least to the victims while covering up said crimes. Now in two thousand fourteen having an accomplice of theirs in the local police rape me and it be totally made clear that my family had been and would continue to be murdered by corrupt police, sheriffs, U.S. Marshals and an army of over two hundred child molesting human traffickers, (while not necessarily believing that at the time) by mother and I started trying to get these things including relatively small thefts and breaking and entering reported has lead us to the point of her and I almost being murdered several times and being intercepted at FBI guard shacks five different times by the very mafia family we are trying to report with the guard requiring us to tell the rapists what their family members and sometimes the very rapist had done to me. In short I have seen that very family most all my life raping not only me but about twenty others including most of my ex girlfriends while they had them believe and still tell my family members even this year the would be arrested if they didn’t "help" in an investigation into me this being said ever since I was about seventeen years old (I am forty nine now) unfortunately the fact that they have taken over state patrol offices and police stations and used police cars in six or eight different states as well as local jurisdictions and literally go to the places in person and try to make sure we don’t talk to any person not corrupt, has and does happen, thereby we have not been able to report that mafia as yet and now have several false charges in two different locations and cannot find get or locate unbiased lawyers or judges or fair trials and have never have been able to. We are LITTERALLY BESIEGED by that mafia domestic terrorist group and need rescue before AUGUST 3 2018 and I am formally asking that my sister, mother and myself be entered into the witness protection program immediately, And I will gladly give the list of twenty other witnesses/victims and testify against all the corrupt persons I know of, and will give any and all information that will help eliminate that human trafficking ring from our society. 4675 Sengen trace Johns creek Ga. / 4425 county road 388 Valley Al. (In Johns creek) Please hurry as we are victimized daily by sleep deprivation and being framed and defamed. Please assist this is really real please help .

What should I do if I get a threat to send pornographic material to my contacts by Mozilla email inbox

Hi. I received an email that contained a current password in the subject line. The email threatens to send a sex tape to all my contacts and states my web camera and all sites/contacts were accessed. I am supposed to send $8600 by bitcoin within 24 hours. English is clearly not the first language of the writer. The fact that a current password was used is of concern. I printed the header info as well as a copy of the email. Mozilla did not flag it as spam. The message is archived. I have chang

My account was hacked

Goodmorning. I think my account was hacked 29.06.2018 18:42:56 from IP Can you check was there login from hackers IP to my account? How can i see a login history?

I'm a internet crime victim of Google (FBI involved) and I need control of my internet browsers, How do I delete everything?

Google has taken over my computers, and have control of my browsers, phones, all my devices to include my printer. I just want to completely clean Firefox but there are files that they have made unavailable for me to delete. They went into my windows system files and loaded me down with add-on's and are using Parental Controls to limit my access to my own computer. Maybe it would be better if I closed my account and opened a new one after all my devices are clean, and back in my full control?

Cannot send messages with email

I have four email address that I use on Thunderbird. Suddenly, I can't send messages from any of them. (I still receive messages with no problem.) When I try to send an email, I get this error message: An error occurred while sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: CSI IP is not permitted to send messages. Please contact support if you feel this is in error.. I have tried uninstalling and

i dont have a mozilla or firefox account. the question is, HOW DID IT GET ON MY PHONE THAT I PAY FOR????

Concerned about mozilla and firefox accounts. What are they used for? Hacking? I had enough of this bullshit watching my stuff . Its my ex and his girlfriend ir whatever. Im not under 13 fricken years old. If im not paying or using it? Why in tbe hell can a 3rd party just add what ever accounts they want? This world aint that so damn free! Oh il just hack me somebodies cell phone account, and violate their privacy. If it dont stop im reporting your companies to yje better hacking bureau, fbi and local news and police departments involved. this is THE UNITED STATES OF A GREAT AMERICA. SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING HERE!!@!!@

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