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Crashes when attaching a photo

Hi all, had this problem for a while now and have decided to finally get it sorted. I cannot attach a file or folder (regardless of size). Thunderbird just crashes. The error is reported each time. Any ideas

Open email with attachment crashes thunderbird

On my wife's laptop which she runs her business from using Thunderbird. She forgot to plug it in overnight when we got home from a trip so the battery drained totally and the computer shut down incorrectly. When she booted back up (charging of course) and opened TB (v38.1.0 I believe) and tried to open an old email that had an attachment, TB crashed immediately. She tried to open different emails with attachments, old and new but TB crashes immediately. I tried to check preferences but clicking anything having to do with attachments kills TB. Any Email without attachments work fine. All other settings work fine. This is the newest crash report ID: Crash ID: bp-0e0d070e-2e7c-4944-8dbe-1f3e32160307 Have no idea if that helps or what. I hope I can get some help with this. TIA. John Murray

Thunderbird crash when attaching file to forwarded message

Thunderbird crashes to desktop when I try to attach a file to a message that I'm forwarding. Crash happens as soon as I hit the attach button. I found I can click the dropdown arrow next to the attach button and choose "File(s)..." to prevent the crash. This crash started on the release version of Thunderbird 45.2.0, and remained after installing the beta version 47. Running windows 10, AVG antivirus email scan has been turned off.

Strange crash while downloading DWG attachments

Windows 7 Pro SP1, 4G RAM, 64b, Core i5 Intel HD Graphics Thunderbird 52.6.0 (32b) An email arrived containing 3 DWG (AutoCAD) files. All three only total 707KB. So, not large files. Right-click single attachment (258KB) choose Save As... Save Attachment window opens. No problem at this point. BUT, not in the directory I want to save. So... Change to the appropriate directory and... crash! CrashID 8c31a042-7f95-49f4-a692-baecb0180201 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ re-creatable. no idea what to do with this. Anyone with even close to a similar experience? I should probably add I have tested this with other file types: xlsx, docx, etc. Does not produce the same problem. Only seems to happen with dwg files.

Thunderbird crashes too often on sending attachments. Fix it please!

This annoys me for months already. Very frequently Thunderbird crashes on adding an attachment to an email. I have tried dragging the file to the email and also using the attach button. Both work sometimes but frequently not. I have sent at least 100 crash reports on this

crash when try to use attachment

Screen freeze when the attachment link is open


Every time i try to save a pic into pictures from an email thunderbird crashes, on occassion it will also crash when i try to attach a pic to an email i filled in numerous crash reports but received no answer or solution i am operating windows 10 on an HP desktop

Thunderbird crash when attaching any file in file picker

I've used Thunderbird as client for multiple email addresses for years. Over last weeks I started getting sudden crash and crash report screen after completing an email send (with file attachment). The problem seems now to have worsened - when I pick a file attachment using the file picker - Thunderbird crashes - every time. Strangely, on occasion MS Excel starts up immediately after the crash, or I get a "there's a problem with Office" screen. I have now uninstalled Office and Click-to-Run service - but no improvement. Problem still exists when I start Thunderbird with all add-on disabled. Problem does not exist when I start my windows in safemode (with network). This is now a serious problem - can't send any attachments for my work!! Help !!

Thunderbird crashes after sending or attaching a file @ UserCallWinProcCheckWow

Hello, I'm using Windows 10 Home 64 bit edition Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063. I'm using Thunderbird version 52.1.1 (Windows 32 bit version). I've tried reverting to Thunderbird version 52.1.0. The problem persists (I'm using 52.1.1 again since reverting to an older version didn't help). I'm using POP accounts (not IMAP). Every time I attach a file or send one, Thunderbird crashes. If the email sends properly, then Thunderbird still crashes immediately after I minimize Thunderbird. I can also reproduce this issue in Thunderbird's safe mode with all add-ons disabled. I've submitted a number of crash reports: bp-c6f20716-1774-46d5-9a30-d539d0170607 6/6/17 5:11 PM bp-7b43d64b-9020-45c6-8d6a-9137a0170607 6/6/17 5:04 PM bp-4a943765-572c-4354-bff9-96f1b0170607 6/6/17 5:00 PM bp-5d0b3c2b-db1f-4665-8e32-bfb320170606 6/6/17 4:57 PM bp-b922bbfd-fd34-4fbc-888a-78dc10170606 6/6/17 4:47 PM bp-e311fe7c-1fe4-47fe-ab47-13ae30170606 6/6/17 4:40 PM bp-93f16d0f-018a-48e9-9ebf-69e3c0170606 6/6/17 4:35 PM bp-de45c497-a41e-4552-b108-49c860170606 6/6/17 4:29 PM bp-f496680e-3f5f-42c2-991d-b46760170606 6/6/17 4:26 PM bp-38ffcd53-a87e-45d6-8e60-fec9e0170606 6/6/17 4:24 PM bp-8b91e2f1-8045-455e-99b5-0fe490170606 6/6/17 2:46 PM bp-d2909732-9459-4ce3-bfd0-48b5f0170606 6/6/17 2:40 PM I'm not sure if developers would be willing to look at this issue, but I'd appreciate it. I've also tried disabling Malwarebytes and Eset. Nothing helps. Thank you for your time

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