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Avg deleted firefox

I tried downloading wondershare dvd maker and avg popped up saying it wasnt trusted. I tried leaving the alert but it wouldnt let me so i tried pressing alt f4. Alt f4 didnt work, so i chose deletion option. But it deleted my firefox browser. Naturally i had no idea what was happening when i tried clicking the firefox shortcut and it said the file didnt exist or had been moved or deleted. I checked my uninstall option on my computer and firefox wasnt even listed. I downloaded imyfoneanyrecover app after a quick google search but for some reason when i opened the app it couldnt go in window mode and half the page is off the screen and i dont know how to switch the app to window mode. I even tried downloading firefox again and it wouldnt install. I am really confused right now and i am afraid all my history, bookmarks, etc. Are gone forever. Is it avg or was the wondershare dvd maker a malware that did this? Please someone help me!

Only one email received per day

Win 10, Thunderbird 78.6.1, Plusnet ISP and email provider Since at least 2 Jan 2020. Problem first arose under Thunderird 68 and was not cured by reload & update to 78 Emails received appear to be accessible via Plusnet WebMail. However, Thunderbird displays only (I think) one email per day (out of dozens). The fix by not sorting worked for about three seconds only. I would be very grateful ... Mike

Password login problem

Suddenly, when I try to login in to my bank website, I get that I have entered the wrong password, it sends me to a second login page and I have to re-enter the password to get in. The bank says there is a problem with too many cookies being saved but didn't know how to fix it in Firefox. I never had this problem before either with the bookmark or by typing in the address. This is the only site that I have this problem.

Thunderbird not loading memails after a couple of weeks

Hi, after a couple of weeks, my emails dont get downloaded anymore I remove the account, recreate it and it comes back , but I have to do that every time how can I resolve this for good ? thanks ps : I use Thunderbird v 78.6.1 ps2 : why is the "NEW POST" button missing on the bellow page ? I had to search in google to post this question

New computer

I am about to get a new desktop and would like to know how to migrate my firefox to it. Thank You

Firefox VPN

Firefox VPN does not work with iplayer outside the UK

Firefox VPN

Firefox VPN does not work with iplayer outside the UK

How to cancel/suppress a mail address in Thunderbird

Hello, I have one Microsoft historic address, Hotmail. The genious from there creates the same, but "Outlook" address. By error, I create it in Thunderbird and I want to suppress it. I spent a lot of time here without success : I don't found how to do. Should I have to uninstall Thunderbird and reinstall it with all the other addresses ? Have a safe health, Best regards from France Jean

Firefox on PC and new facebook

When Facebook updated their system a few months ago, running it on firefox with windows 10 on a pc crashes mozilla. It happens if you are logged into FB for some length of time (say an hour). I have no extensions operating just plain firefox. I turned on task manager inside firefox to watch what happened over time along with windows task manager. Within a half hour, FB is using high energy impact and just about all available memory in the system and filled the cache as well. Eventually it just freezes firefox and I have to kill the program go back and clear the cache and often do a complete refresh of firefox

Pinch Zoom Functionality

'''Q:''' Does anyone know if Firefox has maybe re-instated pinch zoom functionality for Mac users? Or if there is a decent work around available yet? And if not, anyone have a good answer as to why Firefox overlooked it in their last major update? Seems rather shortsighted to me. Not being able to pinch zoom on my mac trackpad is highly frustrating. It's pretty much a deal breaker, making me want to migrate back to Chrome or elsewhere. Which is sad, because I thought I'd finally escaped Google for browsing.

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